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Below are some great gift ideas for the baseball or softball enthusiast in your family. These items are great stocking stuffers!
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Gift Certificate HittingWorld Gift Certificate

Give the baseball or softball player in your life a Gift Certificate to HittingWorld! Just specify an amount, and we'll deliver the certificate via email or mail (you choose).

Launch Angle Tee Top Adapter Launch Angle Tee Top Adapter

The Launch Angle Tee Adapter turns your Tanner Tee (and several others) into a training aid that teaches the proper swing approach angles. FREE SHIPPING!

Our Price: $24.99
(out of stock)
ProHitter Batting Aid ProHitter Batting Grip Aid

The PROHITTER is a bat grip aid that helps produce quick hands, faster wrist turns, increasing bat speed and power. Watch any major league baseball game and you are bound to see pro hitters using this simple but effective batting aid. FREE SHIPPING!

Our Price: $10.99
SWINGRAIL Baseball / Softball Batting Aid SWINGRAIL Swing Training Aid

An effective swing trainer and batting aid that corrects common swing flaws that prevent players from reaching their full potential. It allows the player to "feel" the experience of using correct swing mechanics and taking a short, direct and inside path to the ball. FREE SHIPPING!

Our Price: $32.99
Lizard Skins Komodo Batting Gloves Lizard Skins KOMODO Batting Gloves

Lizard Skin Komodo Batting Gloves have a Goatskin leather palm. Articulated fingers, a breathable mesh back and a 3-piece Velcro wrist strap, makes this one of the most comfortable gloves in its price point. FREE SHIPPING!

Our Price: $26.99
Hands Inside Trainer (H.I.T) Batting Tee Attachment Hands Inside Trainer Tee Attachment

The Hands Inside Trainer (H.I.T) is a batting tee attachment that promotes the proper hand path during the swing. Turns virtually any batting tee into a swing trainer that teaches hitters to stay inside the ball.. FREE SHIPPING!

Our Price: $24.95
Tee Stackers Batting Tee Attachment  (Set of 2) Tee Stackers (Set of 2)

Get Instant Feedback On Every Swing! Tee Stackers attach to your existing batting tee, and the unique design allows you to "stack" two or three balls on a hitting tee at the same time. Comes in a set of 2. FREE SHIPPING!

Our Price: $15.99
Lizard Skins Bat Grip Lizard Skins Bat Grips

Lizard Skins Bat Grips have excellent durability, increased shock absorption, and great feel in all conditions. Each roll of bat wrap is 39 inches in length with pre-cut ends and is designed to fit any bat (wood, aluminum or composite). Choose from multiple colors.

Our Price: $10.99 (add $2 for Camo)
Power Drive Hitting Brace Trainer Power Drive Hitting Brace Trainer

The Power Drive Hitting Brace Trainer keeps your front arm in the perfect hitting position while keeping your hands in tight, inside the ball, for greater bat speed through the strike zone.  Develops bat speed, power and strong, quick hands. FREE SHIPPING!

Our Price: $54.99 - $59.99
Ball Coach Handheld Speed Radar Ball Coach Handheld Speed Radar

The Ball Coach is the world's only pocket-sized personal speed radar - ushering in a new era in speed radar as its small size, light weight and extremely accurate speed measurements transform the way in which players, coaches, fans and everyday consumers experience the action. FREE SHIPPING!

Our Price: $299.99
Pow'r Tac Spray-on Tackifier Pow'r Tac Spray-on Tackifier

Grab with Power! Pow'r Tac Spray-on Tackifier is a high tech spray-on tackifier for athletes that need extra gripping power but don't like the brown gooey mess of pine tar. Pow’r Tac gives you an awesome grip, so it's no suprise that it is rapidly replacing pine tar as the tackifier of choice among serious ballplayers. FREE SHIPPING!

Our Price: $14.99
Pelican Pine Stick - Pine Tar Based Bat Grip Enhancer Pelican Pine Stick - Pine Tar Based Bat Grip

Pelican Bat Wax is an all natural pine tar based grip enhancer that is formulated with 100% genuine pine tar. The unique formula will provide the player with added tack and control while keeping the tradition of pine tar alive. FREE SHIPPING!

Our Price: $17.99
The Stick - Pelican Bat Wax All Natural Bat Grip The Stick - Pelican Bat Wax All Natural Bat Grip

"The Stick" is a wax-based pine tar substitute that is meant to be rubbed on the handle or taper of the bat. It offers a very dry tack with a tack level of 7.  It will rub on the bat handle easier and has increased durability in warmer temperatures. FREE SHIPPING!

Our Price: $17.99
Pow'r Wrap Bat Weights Pow'r Wrap Bat Weight

Swing with Power! The Pow’r Wrap has become the preferred on-deck warm-up weight for the major leagues and all softball leagues. Works the specific muscles used in hitting just prior to your at-bat. Available in three sizes: baseball, softball, and youth. FREE SHIPPING!

Our Price: $27.99
The Hitting Knob The Hitting Knob Bat Weight

The Hitting Knob  is a weighted device that attaches to the knob of the bat while training. It allows players of all levels to perform proper hitting mechanics while maximizing bat speed and power.

Our Price: $109.99
Sale Price: $99.99
You save $10.00!
Hitting for Excellence Swing Mechanics Video Hitting for Excellence DVD#1 - Mechanics of the Swing

MLB hitting coach Dave Hudgens teaches the critical fundamentals of the swing... FREE SHIPPING!

Our Price: $24.95
Sale Price: $8.95
You save $16.00!
Hitting for Excellence Curveball & Power Hitting Video Hitting for Excellence DVD#2 - Power Hitting & Conquering the Curveball

The second video in the Hitting for Excellence Series by Major League Hitting Coach Dave Hudgens. Learn how to hit for power and how to master the curveball. FREE SHIPPING!

Our Price: $24.95
Sale Price: $8.95
You save $16.00!
The 59 Minute Baseball Practice DVD The 59 Minute Baseball Practice DVD

"The 59 Minute Baseball Practice" has been called "the bible of baseball instructional tools." This superb instructional DVD contains over 30 easy to follow drills, including hitting drills, pitching drills, first and third strategies, and base running drills. This video is now required by some leagues for coaches and parents.

Our Price: $24.95
Where's The Play? Interactive CD Where's The Play? Interactive CD

An information-packed interactive CD that teaches the all-important baseball and softball basics that young players need to learn and visualize.

Our Price: $24.95
CoachDeck Baseball Practice Drill Cards CoachDeck Baseball Practice Drill Cards

Perfect for any baseball coach! Over 50 professional baseball drills that teach valuable fundamentals to your players. Includes card holder. FREE SHIPPING!

Our Price: $19.95
Instructional Hitting Package #1 Hitting Package #1

We put together this collection of Top Hitting DVDs that are ideal for your aspiring youth hitter. Save when you order this hand-picked package of instructional hitting videos by top coaches Dave Hudgens, Pete Caliendo, and Marty Schupak.

Our Price: $84.95
Instructional Baseball Coaching Package #1 Coaching Package #1

Everything a youth baseball coach needs to learn! This is our hand-picked collection of top Coaching DVDs, books and practice drill cards by renowned coaches Marty Schupak, Pete Caliendo and more. Over $20 in savings!

Our Price: $107.95
Champion Plastic Golf Balls - Set of 12 Champion Plastic Golf Balls - Set of 12

These white plastic golf balls from Champion Sports come in a retail pack of 12. Great for golf or baseball training in the backyard.

Our Price: $5.95
Coaching Youth Baseball DVD (For Ages 9-12) Coaching Youth Baseball DVD (Ages 9-12)

In this Coaching Youth Baseball DVD (Ages 9-12), Coach Scott Bradley presents 40+ great baseball drills and coaching tips for Little League. Topics Covered: Throwing, Catching, Fielding, Hitting, Baserunning and more. Perfect for Teams and Leagues. Meets Little League coaching clinic participation requirement.

Our Price: $24.95
GripRite HitRite Baseball Bat Grip GripRite HitRite Baseball Bat Grip

The GripRite HitRite forces your hands into the correct hitting position by pushing your palms off the bat and placing it in your fingers. Fits over your existing bat grip. Develops more power, improves contact, and creates a smoother swing. Available in youth & adult sizes, for righties & lefties.

Our Price: $39.95
WAG™ Weighted Agility Gloves w/Tough Grip WAG™ Weighted Agility Gloves

Want more home runs? Train like the pros do with the Weighted Agility Glove (WAG). The only glove that works ALL sets of muscles in the fingers and hands. Guaranteed to increase bat speed and create a more powerful swing.

Our Price: $54.95
CoachDeck Softball Practice Drill Cards CoachDeck Softball Practice Drill Cards

Perfect for any softball coach! Over 50 professional softball drills that teach valuable fundamentals to your players. Includes card holder. FREE SHIPPING!

Our Price: $19.95
SKLZ Reaction Ball Defensive Fielding Aid Reaction Ball

The Reaction Ball is a fielding aid that dramatically improves baseball fielding skills and hand eye coordination. Simulates the bad / unpredictable hops.

Our Price: $9.99
Winning Secrets Book Winning Secrets Book

If you're coaching a youth recreation or travel-ball team and you want to win, Winning Secrets is a must-read. You'll learn offensive and defensive strategies that will leave opponents bewildered and base running techniques that will make your team the most feared in the league. You'll know how to lay the foundation at the very first practice that will have your players performing at the highest level all season.

Our Price: $24.95
EvoShield Batter's Leg Guard EvoShield Batter's Leg Guard

EvoShield’s Batter’s Leg Guard offers the highest level of protection for the shin, ankle, and foot. Lightweight, ultrathin, and breathable, this custom-molding leg guard will not slow you down. Custom-molding Shields form uniquely to each individual athletes body, providing comfortable protection from foul balls and wild pitches.

Our Price: $49.99
EvoShield Protective Wrist Guard EvoShield Protective Wrist Guard

EvoShield’s Protective Wrist Guard works great at the plate and in the field, and is especially useful for catchers. It provides the compression of tape, the comfort of cotton, and the protection of a Shield. Available in Small, Medium, Large and XL.

Our Price: $24.99
Tee Ball Skills & Drills DVD Tee Ball Skills & Drills DVD

This DVD Includes 37 creative drills that T-Ball coaches and parents can do with their team or their own kids at home.  Hitting fundamentals, throwing, baserunning and fielding are just some of the skills covered. Coaches need to be creative to keep kids stimulated in practices and during games. Many of the drills in “T-Ball Skills & Drills”  use common household items as props.

Our Price: $24.95