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Power Drive Hitting Brace Trainer
Power Drive Hitting Brace Trainer

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Build bat speed and teach the correct swing path! The Power Drive Hitting Brace keeps your front arm in the perfect hitting position while keeping your hands in tight, inside the ball, for greater bat speed through the strike zone. It also promotes full front arm extension through the baseball which increases distance. This hitting aid eliminates the batter from throwing his hands and swinging around the ball.

Once you become used to the feel of the Power Drive Brace from tee work, you can use it in soft toss and even in live batting practice. Use what the pros use and go yard with the Power Drive Brace!


  • Good for all ages & hitters: youth, adult, lefty, or righty
  • No parent or coach required
  • Develops bat speed, power and strong, quick hands
  • Teaches proper mechanics and swing path
  • Helps eliminate a "long" or "casting" swing
  • Weighs 2 lbs
  • Made in the USA
  • Comes with 1 year manufacturer's warranty
  • For instructions on how to put it on, click here


"The Power Drive Brace is a wonderful hitting training tool. It keeps your hands in tight and inside the ball which creates faster bat speed. It also promotes front arm full extension through the ball which will result in further distance. This is a true muscle building tool. Someone finally got it right!" - Rudy Jaramillo, Texas Rangers Hitting Coach

"The Power Drive Brace is the first true training tool that Iíve ever used that truly teaches you to keep your hands inside the ball, which creates faster bat speed and a stronger swing. The PDB is so easy because all you do is put it on your player and they instantly feel and know what youíve been trying to explain for so long without this product." - Coach Derek Matlock, Former TCU College & Flower Mound High School Baseball Coach

"The Power Drive Brace has really helped correct my swinging around the ball. By keeping my hands short and inside the ball, I now have quicker hands and bat speed. Iíve never hit the ball so far and hard. The Power Drive Tee has really corrected the problems I had of dipping my shoulders and dropping my bat head. Now, I hit the prettiest climbing line drives." - Ethan Vidrine, 14 years old

"This device is so good for hitters learning the movement of hitting. It reinforces the direction your hands are suppose to go to the ball in a short and direct fashion. So many hitters try to use their shoulders, hips, arms and body in a leadership role to start the hands and that causes a long and slow swing. The Power Drive Brace will only allow the swing to go direct to the ball without allowing the swing to go in another direction. The key to any swing is how often can it be produced in the same fashion no matter where the pitch is located. I believe in this product because producing the same movement every time will provide better contact on a regular basis. This product will allow the hitter to feel the movement in the correct way and not the incorrect way. What a wonderful way to enjoy the experience of hitting." - Ray Burris, Pitching Coach/Oneonta Tigers/N.Y., 15 years with Cubs, Yankees, Mets, Expos, Brewers, Aís, Cardinals

Power Drive Hitting Brace

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