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The Impact Bat One-Hander
The Impact Bat One-Hander Baseball Swing Training Bat

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Same concept as the standard Impact Bat, but made for one-handed drills!

This one-handed model is a lightweight 10 oz. The weight usually makes one-handed drills harder for younger players. This weight is perfect to work on bat path. Keep the logo to the pitcher's chin and watch the magic begin. DO NOT HIT REAL BALLS WITH THIS BAT. Reinforces the proper hand position at contact. It gives instant feedback and creates proper muscle memory. This bat promotes rotational hitting mechanics and is endorsed by renowned hitting instructor Mike Epstein.


  • Made of sturdy, solid white oak wood
  • 21.5" long, 10oz size
  • Proves and reinforces square contact
  • Teaches proper hand position at contact (palm up/palm down)
  • Gives instant feedback on balls that are hit (rolling the wrists = misses or ground balls)
  • Helps determine a square path to the ball when the back elbow tucks
  • Teaches how to get INSIDE and BEHIND the ball
  • Maximizes carry and lift
  • Builds the proper Muscle Memory for Square Contact
  • Promotes the proper grip of the bat
  • Use it with whiffle balls, tennis balls or other lite balls (not intended for use with hard balls)

Instant Feedback and Understanding

If you swing and miss, or hit it into the ground, then you most likely rolled your wrists too soon. When you square it up with the Impact Bat, you will hit line drives. This gives you instant feedback and creates the proper muscle memory like all professional hitters.

With the square handle and the flat side, the Impact Bat reinforces proper hand position for square contact. It helps the player determine the square path to the ball without any thought. When someone swings the Impact Bat for the first time, they get an instant understanding of how the hands are supposed to be at contact. When the thumbs are placed on the bat, it helps the hitter understand how to get inside and behind the ball by giving the hands the mechanical advantage.

Too often players whip their hands through the strike zone to create bat speed, causing the wrists to roll over. This is a leading cause for ground balls, pop ups, and misses. All MLB players have their top hand palm up and the bottom hand palm down at impact to deliver the most force on the ball. The Impact Bat reinforces this position!


"This makes sense, the Impact Bat teaches a player proper hand position at contact. We use it with everyone we teach." - Mike Epstein, Major League Player from 1966-1974 and Owner of Mike Epstein Hitting.

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