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The ProHammer Training Bat
ProHammer Baseball Training Bat

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PLEASE NOTE: Bats are designed to mimic the sweetspot on the barrel, so they are made shorter than a regular bat length.

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(Currently Unavailable)

The ProHammer™ is a swing-enhancing training bat that not only teaches hitters to make consistent contact with the “sweet spot” of a bat, but it also improves a player's hand-eye coordination and dramatically reduces the tendency to roll over the ball.

The ProHammer’s reduced hitting surface is designed to eliminate wrist roll at contact and under-cutting of the ball, which often results in weak ground balls and pop-ups that are easily fielded. By providing a narrow hitting surface, it gives quick and efficient feedback to the hitter, letting him know that he has found the “edge grain” of the bat. Additionally, the unique shape of the barrel trains the hitter to correct and refine his path to the ball, resulting in more line-drives. Watch the videos below for more info!


  • PLEASE NOTE: Bats are designed to mimic the sweetspot on the barrel, so they are made shorter than regular bat length
  • Comes in 4 adult sizes: 31"/28oz, 32"/29oz, 33"/30oz, and 34"/31oz equivalents
  • Comes in 3 youth sizes: 29", 30", and 31" equivalents
  • Comes in 3 fastpitch sizes: 32", 33" and 34" equivalents
  • Designed and built to hit real baseballs
  • Ideal for use in hitting drills including tee-work, flips, front-toss, and thrown batting practice
  • Eliminates wrist roll at contact and under-cutting of the ball
  • Teaches hitters to make consistent contact with the “sweet spot” of a bat
  • Provides instant feedback - hear and feel when you hit the sweet spot
  • Improves hand-eye coordination
  • Built to stand up to rugged use - manufactured using top-grade materials
  • Alloy hitting face does not "ping" but instead produces a sound similar to a pro wood bat
  • 3 month limited warranty

The ProHammer takes hitting drills to extreme levels of precision and performance by combining all of the important attributes that make a full-size game bat feel and swing the way it does: total weight, center of gravity, sweet-spot location, hitting surface position and curvature. The ProHammer is rapidly becoming recognized by hitting experts as a powerful training tool for serious programs and dedicated players. Whether your players swing wood, metal, or composite, all hitters WILL improve their performance by developing strong, efficient wrist action and a precise swing path. Take hitting drills to the next level with the ProHammer!


"Developing a powerful and precise swing is fundamental to better hitting performance. The ProHammer's balanced design allows the hitter to hone his swing at game speed while hitting real baseballs. The unique shape of the barrel will instantly tell the hitter whether each swing is off-sweet-spot, rolled-over, or absolutely perfect. A true development tool for hard-working players, the ProHammer is simply the best." - Troy Tulowitzki, Colorado Rockies Shortstop

"The feedback you get from the Pro-hammer is immediate! We love how the Pro-hammer teaches you the proper bat-path and bat angle. The solid feel you get when you hit the ball properly with the Pro-hammer reinforces the perfect swing. Conversely, the vibrating feel when you have the wrong bat path teaches you how to find the correct one! The great thing is that this training aid grooves a professional swing- one that will hold up against all levels of pitching. It is a tool we use every day at practice or before a game. It is THE best hitting training aid I’ve seen in over 25+ years of coaching baseball." - Rob Bruno - NorCal Baseball GM

"[The Pro Hammer] promotes a solid contact point with the palm up/down position, increases hand/eye coordination, and has a great feel when you hit the ball right. It is quite the engineering marvel. I was surprised at how realistic the ball feels off of the pro hammer when you put a proper swing together! All the best and thank you!" - Kash Beauchamp, Manager, Coach, Trainer, former Pro Outfielder

The ProHammer Training Bat
The ProHammer Bat Swing Tutorial

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