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Hitmaster Grobat Training Bat
Grobat Training Bat

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The GROBAT is a small-diameter bat featuring a movable Sweetspot Simulator pad that tells the batter that he (or she) is using the correct area on the bat, the sweetspot. Since this area is smaller than that of a regular bat, hand-eye coordination and confidence of the batter improves dramatically!

grobatUnlike other hitting “sticks” however, the GROBAT is unique because of its variable length AND weight, and thus can be used by multiple persons of different age and size, or by one person who is growing quickly! It is critically important that during extended batting practice, the hitter use his GAME BAT to maintain proper timing and mechanics. Use of any training device that does NOT mimic the dynamics of the game bat is detrimental to developing consistent swing mechanics. Using lighter or heavier bats in extended practice can defeat their intended purpose — better hitting!

Unlike other bats, GROBAT can be easily modified in both length AND weight, and comes equipped with a movable choke/collar and a set of weights from 2 to 9 ounces. The GROBAT can mimic any bat, from 28"/19oz. to 34"/33oz., or anything in between!

The GROBAT collar can also be used on the handle of a regular bat (see photo above), so that when you purchase your next bat, you can get a 1" or 2" larger bat which will “grow” with your son (or daughter), saving money and maintaining familiarity.

The GROBAT is available in 30", 32", 33" and 34" standard lengths and, un-weighted, are 19, 20, 21, and 22 oz. respectively. The coin-removable threaded end plug allows insertion of any combination of 2, 3, or 4-ounce weights (see photo).

These features allow the GROBAT to be used as a light weight “stick” to develop quick speed through the zone, or it can be over-loaded to develop and stretch the large muscle groups. This type of practice should be between 20 and 30 percent of your practice regimen, with the remainder using your GROBAT with the same weight and length as your game bat. This practice technique optimizes the most important aspects of your hitting game - batspeed, power, and hand-eye coordination!

Proper selection of your GROBAT length is important so it can be used for the maximum number of years by your oldest child. It can always be downsized for smaller players coming up.

If you need a 27" - 29" bat ...then order a 30" GroBat JR.
If you need a 30" - 31" bat ...then order a 32" GroBat
If you need a 32" - 34" bat ...then order a 33" or 34"

Weight-Pac & Choke Collar are included with all bats except the GroBat JR (comes with Choke Collar only).
Developed and Tested by Chris Richard, Major League Baseball Player. Recommended for use with Wiffle balls ONLY.

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