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We carry a variety of Softball Field Screens from Muhl Tech, Champion Sports, and ProMounds. These are all high quality field screens that work great for softball pitching practice. Choose from multiple shapes and sizes.
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Bownet 7x7 Portable Softball Screen Bownet Portable Softball Screen (Net Only)

The BowNet Portable Softball Screen is a 7' x 7' portable sports net with a cutout that works great for softball pitchers and softball pitching machines. Note: sold as Net only, and fits the frame for the Bownet Soft Toss or Bownet Big Mouth.

Our Price: $69.95
Softball Screen Replacement Net 7x7 Softball Screen Replacement Net

This Softball Screen Replacement Net from Cimarron Sports is a high quality #42 pillowcase-style net. Available in 7' x 7'. FREE SHIPPING!

Our Price: $69.99
Cimarron 7x7 #42 Softball Net & Frame Cimarron 7x7 #42 Softball Net & Frame

The Cimarron 7' x 7' #42 Softball Net and Frame is designed for softballs only and keeps the pitcher, or person throwing the balls, safe from hit balls. The Softball Pitching Screen is excellent for batting and pitching practice whether you practice indoors or outdoors. FREE SHIPPING!

Our Price: $179.99
Diamond PRO SERIES Bownet Fast Pitch Screen Diamond PRO SERIES Bownet Fast Pitch Screen

The Diamond PRO SERIES Bownet Fastpitch Screen is a larger, more heavy duty version of the original Bownet screens. Measures 8' x 8' with pro grade heavy-duty netting and powder-coated lightweight steel base with a cutout for fastpitch style pitching. Comes with a zippered carrying bag.

Our Price: $199.95
Muhl 7x7 Softball Pitchers Screen Muhl Softball Pitchers Screen

7' x 7' Frame with Heavy Duty 2.8mm/#45 PE netting. Push button assembly. Net slips on pillow case style. Cut-out is 30" H x 24" w. The bottom of the cut out is 21" from the ground to more easily accommodate softball pitching machines. FREE SHIPPING!

Our Price: $199.99
ProMounds Premium Softball Screen ProMounds Premium Softball Screen

The ProMounds Premium Softball Screen is a high quality protective screen that is optimal for baseball and softball practice and training facilities. Made of 1 5/8" tubing, galvanized and powder-coated green. Has commercial grade #36 Twisted, Knotted Nylon netting. Measures 7' x 7', weighs 40 lbs. FREE SHIPPING!

Our Price: $249.00
Cimarron 7x7 #42 Softball Net and Commercial Frame Cimarron 7x7 #42 Softball Net and Commercial Frame

A heavy-duty softball pitching screen perfect for heavy usage environments such as training facilities or high school teams. Frame is made of commercial grade 2" galvanized steel, making it one of the strongest frames available.

Our Price: $259.95
JUGS Protector Series 7x7 Softball Screen JUGS Protector Series 7x7 Softball Screen

The JUGS Protector Series 7x7 Softball Screen is the highest quality Softball Screen we carry. Comes with a 2-Year Guarantee on the netting and frame. Perfect for hitting facilities or heavy team use.

Our Price: $514.95
Sale Price: $495.00
You save $19.95!