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Browse our selection of Baseball and Softball soft toss machines.  Also check out our Tees & Hitting Aids section for more swing trainers, batting tees and soft toss alternatives. Need a practice net to go with your soft toss machine? Check out our Nets & Screens section.
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Hands Back Hitter Youth Model Baseball Training Aid SKLZ Quickswing™ PX4 Soft Toss Machine Hands Back Hitter Baseball Hitting Aid
Hands Back Hitter Pro
Our Price: $104.95
The Hands Back Hitter™ Youth Model is the simplest, most affordable, yet most instructive training aid on the market. Keeps your youth hitter training and swinging right even when you're not there. Uses plastic balls only. The SKLZ Quickswing™ PX4 Soft Toss Machine develops a short, quick compact swing at any skill level. Auto-feeds 12 baseballs or 8 softballs every 6, 8 or 10 seconds. The ultimate system for developing fast hands, sharp reaction times, and solid mechanics. A highly instructive pitching machine / batting tee hybrid that teaches rotational hitting...
The Ultimate Hitting Machine Soft Toss Machine Hands Back Hitter Pro Team Model Baseball Training Aid Tru-Toss Soft Toss Machine
Tru-Toss Soft Toss Machine
Our Price: $179.95
The Ultimate Hitting Machine is the easiest, quickest, and safest way to boost batting averages. This excellent batting aid & soft toss machine enables players to practice hitting to all fields; hitting high, low, or middle pitches. The Hands Back Hitter™ Pro Team Model is built specifically for coaches for team use. This patented combination swing trainer / pitching machine has full time right and left hand capabilities. Get in your soft toss cuts without a partner. Any time, anywhere! Get in 100's of swings in less than 30 minutes. Uses Baseballs or Softballs or Pitching Machine balls. Easily change the height and angle the ball is delivered to the hitting zone. Do various drills with side toss, front toss and back toss. Absolutely great for high school and select team hitting stations or backyard use.
JUGS Soft Toss Machine Wheeler Dealer Soft Toss Machine
JUGS Soft Toss Machine
Our Price: $199.95
Wheeler Dealer Soft Toss Machine
Our Price: $359.00
Sale Price: $334.99
You save $24.01!
The JUGS Toss™ Machine is a high quality, highly portable soft toss machine that automatically tosses a ball every 5 seconds. Weighs just 13 lbs. and holds 14 baseballs or 10 softballs. Get up to 8 hours of continuous use and it comes with a 2-year guarantee! This portable, automated soft toss machine makes a perfect hitting drill station...