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The HITZONE Air Batting Tee
The HITZONE Air Batting Tee

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The Hit Zone Air Suspension Tee is a fun, easy and effective way to concentrate on the fundamentals of a good swing. Whether you are training for tennis, softball, Tee ball, or baseball, no other product provides the unique experience of the Hit Zone air powered practice tee. It’s a game-changing teaching tool, and best of all - it's fun!

How it works: the powerful blower motor suspends a lightweight ball on a column of air. The ball floats and spins, simulating real pitches. Supporting the ball on a cushion of air, you can practice as if the ball is frozen in mid-air. The air keeps the ball spinning as if still in a forward trajectory, thus allowing the player to analyze the reaction of the ball when it's struck. Watch the Product Videos below to learn more!


  • Great for baseball, softball and tennis players of all ages
  • Compatible with most lightweight practice and tennis balls
  • "Indestructible" patented fabric nozzle designed to take a beating
  • Durable steel blower units stand up to years of abuse
  • Increase concentration & focus on your swing
  • Improve hand-eye coordination
  • Builds self-esteem & overall ability
  • Made for outdoor use
  • Weighs only 7 pounds - powerful yet light and small enough to easily transport
  • Runs on standard 110V AC - comes with a 12" grounded cord
  • Machine comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty & fabric sleeve has a 6 month warranty
  • Includes home plate & 2 dimpled plastic practice balls
  • Made in the USA


Can I adjust the height of the ball? The stream of air coming from the Hit Zone is not adjustable, but there are a few easy ways to adjust the height of the ball. The sleeve that comes with the hit song is 9" long. This height covers the typical strike zone for most people – from kids to adults. You can adjust the height of the balls by the type of ball you use. Different types of balls will float at different heights depending on their size and weight. It's fun to experiment! Also, you can place the Hit Zone on a sturdy box if you need the ball floating at a higher height.

What type of ball works best on the Hit Zone? A number of light training balls work great. It's fun having a mixture of balls - they often react a little different, giving you a different looking pitch. A sampling includes: Franklin dimpled pitching machine balls, Don Mattingly pitching machine balls, Sandlot dimpled training balls, SKLZ 5-Tool Foam balls, JUGS Lite-Flite Baseball & Softball, Atec, Trend Sports, & SKLZ foam balls.

A standard baseball & softball will not work well with the Hit Zone - they are too heavy. What tennis balls work the best on the Hit Zone? Tennis balls with the least amount of fuzz work the best. The Hit Zone is all about aerodynamics, so if a tennis ball is a little too fuzzy or has a ridge on the seam, it will tend to wobble and fall off.

The HITZONE Air Suspension Batting Tee
The HITZONE Air Batting Tee
The HITZONE Standard Model - Balls in Use

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