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Browse our selection of baseball/softball Sock Nets & hitting screens from leading manufacturers. These are all high quality sock nets that work great for batting practice, pitching/throwing, infield practice and more. Choose from multiple shapes and sizes.
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Sock Screen Replacement Net Catch Net and Frame Muhl 90 Second Soft Toss Net
Catch Net and Frame
Our Price: $129.00
This Sock Screen Replacement Net from Cimarron Sports is a high quality #42 pillowcase-style net. Available in 7' x 7'. The Cimarron Catch Net is great for batting practice or pitching practice. It is designed to catch the hardest pitched balls so you don't spend valuable time chasing them. The Muhl 90 Second Net is a lightweight yet durable soft toss net that can be set up in less than 90 seconds. Simply find the open end of the net, pull it over the top of the frame, slide it down to the ground and boom, that's it! Has a durable steel tubing frame and a super heavy duty #45 slip on net. Measures  6.5' H x 7.5' W and weighs only 22lbs. Perfect for taking on the road, and break down is even quicker! Includes carry bag.
7x7 #42 Sock Net Sports Net JUGS Instant Screen Bownet Big Mouth Portable Sports Net
JUGS Instant Screen
Our Price: $149.95
The Cimarron 7' x 7' #42 Sock Net can be used for batting drills, target for pitchers, and hitting balls from a tee.  Frame is made of 1" 16 gauge powder coated steel. The JUGS Instant Screen is a highly portable batting practice screen that pops open and closes in seconds, and fits in the trunk of any car. Ideal for short toss, soft toss, and tee drills. The BowNet Big Mouth is a 7' x 7' portable sports net that's great for soft-toss or batting tee practice. It's very durable and sets up in 120 seconds with no tools required. Comes with a zippered carrying bag with straps included. FREE SHIPPING!
JUGS S0300 Complete Practice Travel Screen Hurricane Portable Sports Net Zip Net Indoor Sports Net
Zip Net Indoor Sports Net
Our Price: $159.95
The JUGS Complete Practice Travel Screen is a 7 foot screen with a huge 6.5' x 6.5' Hitting Sock. Perfect screen for offense, defense and pitching drills. Sets up in less than 2 minutes. A portable, lightweight yet durable training net ideal for pre-game, practice or backyard use. Turn your garage into a Hitting Station with this durable 10' x 8.5' batting practice net. Sets up quickly, ideal for home use.
HIT IT Garage Sports Net Muhl All Fields Net Diamond PRO SERIES Bownet Big Mouth Sock Net
HIT IT Garage Sports Net
Our Price: $164.00
All Fields Net
Our Price: $199.95
The HIT IT Garage Sports Net is a versatile home sports net that turns your garage into a pitching, hitting, and multi-sport practice station. Fits a standard garage door opening size of 16 wide by 7 tall.
Large enough to be used for a practice backstop, the All Fields Net was designed to allow a player to hit to all fields when doing batting drills. Large enough to encourage a batter to correctly "hit the ball where it's pitched". Dimensions are 8 1/2' W x 6 1/2' H. Slips on pillow case style for double protection. Wide enough to leave in a garage and park a car between! A nice alternative to sock nets. The Diamond PRO SERIES Bownet Big Mouth Sock Net is a larger, more heavy duty version of the original Bownet Big Mouth. Measures 8' x 8' with pro grade heavy-duty netting and powder-coated lightweight steel base. Comes with a zippered carrying bag with straps included.
JUGS 6 1/2' X 6' Square Screen with Sock Net ProMounds Premium Sock Screen Cimarron 7x7 #42 Sock Net and Commercial Frame
The JUGS 6 1/2' X 6' Square Screen with Sock Net is a high quality Sock Net great for team or individual batting practice. 1 5/8" Powder Coated Steel Frame, Heavy Duty Bolt-on legs and a Double Thick, 240 lb Breaking Strength, Twisted Poly Net. The ProMounds Premium Sock Screen is a high quality protective screen that is optimal for baseball and softball practice and training facilities. Made of 1 5/8" tubing, galvanized and powder-coated green. Has commercial grade #36 Twisted, Knotted Nylon netting. Measures 7' x 7', weighs 40 lbs. Our Cimarron 7x7 Commercial Frame and Sock Net is great for hitting and throwing drills. One of the strongest frames available. Perfect for heavy usage environments.
ATEC Sock Net Batting Practice Screen JUGS Protector Series 7x7 Sock Screen
The all new ATEC Batting Practice Screen features a larger size, heavier netting and tubing, all adding up to more protection. It is ideal for tee work and soft-toss drills to fine-tune your hitting. New and improved with larger size screen, heavier grade netting and 2'' steel tubing (plus 40% heavier wall thickness). Dimensions:  84" H X 84" W. The JUGS Protector Series 7x7 Sock Screen is the highest quality Sock Screen we carry. Comes with a 2-Year Guarantee on the netting and frame. Perfect for hitting facilities or heavy team use.