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Browse our library of FREE tips, articles and drills on hitting, fielding, pitching, catching, coaching and more. We are constantly adding new articles, so check back soon for more great baseball instruction from some of the top names in baseball coaching! Have your own batting tips, drills or baseball coaching articles? Submit them to us at info at hittingworld.com
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20 Great Hitting Tips
Over 20 great hitting tips for players of all ages!

By HittingWorld.com
Maple, Ash & More: Which Wood Type is Best?
Maple, Ash, Birch & Bamboo: What are the key differences, and which wood is best for baseball bats?

By HittingWorld.com
50/50 Hitting
A great article by a MLB hitting coach that sheds light on the Linear vs Rotational swing debate.

By Dave Hudgens
The Crucial Power Swing Sequence
MLB hitting coach Dave Hudgens explains the fundamental sequences of the swing.

By Dave Hudgens
How Does the Aluminum Bat Hurt Your Swing?
MLB hitting coach Dave Hudgens explains the long term problems caused by using an aluminum bat.

By Dave Hudgens
Key Cues for Hitting Success
MLB hitting coach Dave Hudgens discusses effective communication skills between coaches and hitters.

By Dave Hudgens
Conquering the Curveball
MLB hitting coach Dave Hudgens provides insight and 5 key drills for mastering the curveball.

By Dave Hudgens
Becoming a Complete Hitter
Hitting instructor Jordan Hudgens discusses hitting to the opposite field and using the entire field.

By Jordan Hudgens
Don't Get Caught Following Bad Hitting Advice!
MLB hitting coach Dave Hudgens exposes common hitting fallacies that are taught to young hitters.

By Dave Hudgens
Miguel Tejada and the Dominican Dream
MLB hitting coach Dave Hudgens reflects on the many hardships that Dominican players face.

By Dave Hudgens
Youth Baseball Practices Donít Have To Be Long To Be Good
Coach Marty Schupak gives advice on how to run an efficient and effective baseball practice.

By Marty Schupak
Getting Kids to Practice on Time
Coach Marty Schupak shares good ideas on how to get kids to practice on time.

By Marty Schupak
Practice When No Field Is Available
Coach Marty Schupak on how to still run a great practice even without a field.

By Marty Schupak
The Parents Meeting: A Must for The Youth Baseball Coach
Coach Marty Schupak on the importance of setting expectations with parents before the season starts.

By Marty Schupak
Bunt Young, Bunt Often
Coach Marty Schupak stresses the importance of bunting.

By Marty Schupak
Pitching Burnout in Baseball
Coach Marty Schupak discusses how to avoid the over-use of youth pitchers.

By Marty Schupak
Running A Youth Baseball Fall League
Coach Marty Schupak on the merits of playing baseball in the fall.

By Marty Schupak
Youth Baseball Tryouts and The Draft
Coach Marty Schupak on ensuring a fair tryout process and having a balanced league.

By Marty Schupak
Don't Ever Teach Your Catchers to Frame a Pitch!
Coach Dave Weaver sheds light on the 4 laws of good receiving technique for baseball catchers.

By Dave Weaver
You Call This Baseball?
Coach Dave Weaver discusses taking the pressure off the pitcher and catcher in youth leagues.

By Dave Weaver
The Most Wasted 20 Minutes in a Catcher's Life
Coach Dave Weaver on how to structure meaningful use of practice time for catchers.

By Dave Weaver
Fielding Passed Balls
Coach Dave Weaver on proper catching technique for passed balls and wild pitches.

By Dave Weaver
Proper Fielding Technique for Bunts
Coach Dave Weaver on proper catching technique for fielding bunts.

By Dave Weaver
How to Handle Foul Pops
Coach Dave Weaver on proper catching technique for fielding foul pops.

By Dave Weaver
Practice Organization
Coach Pete Caliendo on how to organize fun and effective baseball practices.

By Pete Caliendo
Run Quality Practices with Stations
Coach Olan Suddeth on how to take advantage of your practice time using stations.

By Olan Suddeth
The Best Hitting Stations for Baseball Practice
Coach Olan Suddeth elaborates on using stations as part of practice.

By Olan Suddeth
Increase Batting Power with an Old Tire
Coach Olan Suddeth on how a tire can help you hit for more power.

By Olan Suddeth
The Classic Fence Drill
Coach Olan Suddeth on how the fence drill can correct multiple hitting flaws.

By Olan Suddeth
Making Practice Fun and Effective
Coach Olan Suddeth offers ideas for productive practices that are fun for the players.

By Olan Suddeth
The Bucket Drill - Improve Throwing Accuracy
Coach Olan Suddeth discusses a fun and competitive quick release throwing drill.

By Olan Suddeth
How to Select a Proper Youth Baseball Bat
Coach Olan Suddeth on selecting the right aluminum bat for your youth hitter.

By Olan Suddeth
Use Colored Dots to Improve Batter Recognition
Coach Olan Suddeth shares an effective drill for vision training and pitch recognition.

By Olan Suddeth
Shorten Your Swing with One Handed Drills
Bryan Sidensol details an effective drill to build a short, compact swing.

By Bryan Sidensol
Offeason Training Ideas for Hitters
Bryan Sidensol on ideas to keep hitters sharp during the offeason.

By Bryan Sidensol
The Art of Bunting
Bryan Sidensol on proper sacrifice and drag bunting technique.

By Bryan Sidensol
Evaluating a Catcher's Release
Coach Dave Weaver breaks down the 3 components of a catcher's release.

By Dave Weaver
Rundowns: Slam Dunks of Defensive Baseball
Coach Brian Priebe on proper execution of the rundown.

By Brian Priebe
What You Have to Know as a Base Coach
Coach Brian Priebe on the fundamentals of base coaching.

By Brian Priebe
"Signing" On and Off
Coach Brian Priebe shares tips for proper use of signs for an aggressive offense.

By Brian Priebe
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