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The Ultimate Rope Bat Training Bat
The Rope Bat Training Bat

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The Ultimate Rope Bat Swing Trainer is a great new training bat that reinforces the proper swing path and corrects common flaws such as casting and looping the bat. It can be used off a tee, with soft toss from the side, or underhand or overhand from in front, just like normal batting practice.

The Rope Bat teaches a swing that maximizes centrifugal force and total body connected movement for greater speed, strength, accuracy and consistency. The hitter’s body remembers what it learned and automatically uses that memory when he or she has a real bat in their hands. It was created by former professional player & international coach Dr. Gary Long, CEO of Better Baseball Texas.


  • Designed for beginners, amateurs, professionals and their coaches
  • Reduces hitter (and coach) frustration
  • Builds confidence and power
  • Suitable for children as young as 4 years old through adults
  • Adjustable in length to what is best for the size and age of the hitter
  • Self instructional and self correcting
  • Safer to use in training situations than regular bats
  • Provides the hitter the satisfaction of hitting the ball hard
  • Prevents:
    — Casting the bat or throwing the barrel out too early
    — Looping the bat, or dropping the barrel below the plane of the pitch
    — Hitches, or dropping their hands before taking them to the ball
  • Swing learned transfers quickly and easily to the hitter’s swing with a regular bat
  • Warranted against manufacturing defects
  • Special Rope Bat@ approved training balls are included with every system purchased
The Rope Bat™ is virtually indestructible when used as directed. Use only the soft rubber balls supplied or Whiffle® balls and only batting tees with soft rubber cones. Avoid extreme temperatures or prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. With these simple directions, the Rope Bat can be enjoyed trouble free for years. CAUTION: Never hit real baseballs, softballs, or hard balls of any kind with the Rope Bat™!


“Gary Long is personally invested in the development of the young player’s swing. With the Rope Bat, he has a tool that can give personal feedback on hand position for any swing. Developing a consistent swing path to the ball and training that habit can be helped by the Rope Bat.” - Jeff Kent, NL 2000 MVP, All Time Leader In Home Runs Among 2nd Basemen

“The Rope Bat can be a connected and highly synchronized swing. ‘Connected’ has always been easy to see and difficult to teach. It takes a few swings to adapt to the Rope Bat but you will ‘feel’ the Rope Bat connecting your swing efficiency.” - Bart Bratcher, Former President Texas High School Coaches Association and head coach at Westwood HS in Austin TX for 33 years!

“For parents who don’t know a lot about it hitting, it’s a great training tool. You put a Rope Bat in the hands of a kid and it gives them immediate feedback. They can almost coach themselves. The more they use it, the better their swing is going to be.” - Andrew Dawson — Coach, McNeil High School

“The Rope Bat really helps my girls timing… They really like the sound of it when they hit it right. The Rope Bat gives them immediate feedback and allows them to correct their own mistakes. I would certainly recommend it for younger girls as well… younger girls can pick this up pretty quick, maybe even sooner than older girls.” - Larry Hennig, Head Softball Coach, Mary Hardin Baylor University, Belton, TX

The Rope Bat
The Rope Bat Swing Trainer

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