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Quick T Automated Batting Tee
Quick T Automated Batting Tee

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your hitting ‘muscle memory’

and hit like a pro
! The
Quick-T Automated Batting Tee from QHI Sports

allows the batter to maintain his or her batting
stance, concentration and rhythm by automatically feeding each ball onto the
tee. The consistency of the automatic ball-feeding system will enable the player
to enjoy a more focused practice session, and will help develop the ‘muscle
memory’ so critical in the development of proper hitting technique.

quick tee

Each ball feeds on demand as the previous ball is
hit off the tee with 3000+ cycles possible before the battery needs recharging.  
At a light 25 pounds, the machine is very portable, but stable enough to handle
the toughest of practice drills with the rack holding 18 baseballs or 12
softballs.  Stop picking up each ball and take ‘More Swings in Less Time’ as you
enhance your hitting technique.  A must-have for the serious ball player or


  • Portable - utilizes a rechargeable 12 volt battery similar to those used in video camcorders.  

  • Usability - the Quick-T can be used just as effectively indoors or outdoors. No extension cords are needed.

  • Lightweight & Durable - Most of the components in the Quick-T are made from ABS plastic which is lightweight and extremely durable. Unit weight is approximately 25 pounds.

  • Stable - Unlike stationary tees, the Quick-T has a large stable 20" diameter base which prevents the unit from moving around or tipping over from impact.

  • Adjustable Height - with a simple twist of the wrist, the height of the Quick-T can be adjusted into one of five preset stops between 32 and 44 inches above the ground.

  • Automatic Ball Feed - It has an automated ball feeding system, which handles baseballs, softballs, practice balls, tennis balls, wiffle balls, etc. The ball feeder capacity is 15 baseballs or 12 softballs.

  • Adjustable Speed - When set to "timed mode" the Quick-T will cycle a ball into the hitting position every 5 to 25 seconds depending upon batter preference.  Using the "auto mode" the Quick-T will cycle as soon the ball has been hit.

The Quick-T is an excellent training device for both
individual and team practice, offering the following advantages over a manual

   -  Enables players to maintain
their focus and rhythm to better concentrate on mechanics.

   -  No need for 2-man tee drills
which eliminates distractions between players.

   -  Safety concerns are minimized
as hands will not be hit, as often happens in 2-man

   -  Coaches can stand back and
study each player’s hitting technique instead of feeding each ball.

   -  Team practice time is shorter
as the players can all get through their drills faster.

   -  It works well for many hitting

drills such as weighted-ball drills, step-up drills and high tee

   -  If inclement weather moves
practice indoors, its 25-pound weight enables easy transport.

   -  When traveling, the Quick-T
and a portable net make for great batting practice  before each game.

   -  It makes an excellent
off-season training tool for  players to stay in shape for the next

   -  The 12-volt system eliminates
the need for a 110V power source and long cords.


How much does the tee weigh and does it
require assembly
? The Quick-T weighs approximately 25
pounds. The only assembly required is that the base plate needs to be snapped together.

Is the rubber tee replaceable and
does it split easily

The tee can be replaced by twisting off
the old tee and twisting on a new one.  The rubber tee is made out of natural rubber not
synthetic as many other tees are, and it seems to be holding up much longer.

How long does the battery last before it
needs to be recharged?

If the tee is turned on and allowed to run
constantly, the battery should last 4 to 5 hours before needing to be recharged.  
Depending on its use, the battery should last a year.


What kind of guarantee does the Quick-T

QHI Sports feels that the Quick-T is such
a good training machine that it will make sure that the tee works properly for
its customer. They are interested in customers telling others about how good the tee is,
not that it is poorly made and won’t hold up. The original production
prototypes have more than 650,000 cycles run on them and they are still running. Obviously, sooner
or later, the battery and the rubber tee will need to be replaced.

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