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Wheeler Dealer Soft Toss Machine
Wheeler Dealer Soft Toss Machine

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The Wheeler Dealer Automatic Toss Machine is a completely portable, foldable, fully automated soft toss machine on wheels. The Wheeler Dealer is the perfect soft toss drill station for all kinds of batting practice exercises. The patented electronic controls allow for an adjustable height range of 18" to 6' and a launch rate from 1 to 6 seconds. Steel and high impact ABS plastic construction features a 5 year warranty. Twelve hour battery and battery charger included.

The Wheeler Dealer is easily stored and fits in the trunk of ANY car! Perfect for Drag-Bunt or Snap-back Drills, Incremental Speed-up Drills and Quick Hand Drills. No other toss machine holds more: 27 Baseballs and 17 Softballs! Works with any virtually any type of ball - Baseballs, Softballs, Tennis balls, Dimple Balls, Nerf Balls, and Whiffle Balls. The Wheeler Dealer is your solution for Station or Solo Training. Use it for Defensive Drills as well!


  • wheelerdealer1Electronic Height Control -1 to 6 Ft
  • Electronic Frequency Control-1 to 6 seconds
  • 20 Baseballs or 16 Softballs also Tennis, Whiffle, and Dimple Balls
  • Zero Time Setup
  • 1 Sq. Ft. Storage Footprint
  • Rugged Construction-Steel and High Impact ABS
  • 5 Year Guarantee (2 on the Battery)
  • 12 Hour Duty Cycle Before Recharging
  • 24 V "Cell Power" Battery
  • 24 V, 400 mA Battery Charger Included
  • Weight is 33 lbs


"There is no greater hitting aid than the Wheeler Dealer. We use two Wheeler Dealers in our circuit training."
- Ralph Weekly, University of Tennessee

"The Wheeler Dealer is a great device to teach timing and hand-eye coordination....It gives you a timing mechanism....When the ball comes up, that's the indication to load. When the ball goes down, we hit. So now you're actually working on some type of a rhythm. You've got a timing mechanism, loading mechanism, and you can get repetitions without anyone around."
- Mike Candrea, University of Arizona

"If you have the ability to take 100 swings and you know exactly where the ball is coming each and every time, you avoid the middleman and somebody tossing you the ball, not tossing it the right way, tossing it too soft, not tossing it fast enough. And then you're getting in bad habits. With the Wheeler Dealer, you know where the ball is going because you set it up. Your habits are consistent swing after swing."
- Tony Scruggs, former Texas Ranger

sample hitting drills

Speed Up Drill The SPEED-UP DRILL is a fantastic power building muscle memory drill. One complete cycle of balls (28 baseballs, 17 softballs) is hit at a slow, comfortable interval. When the cycle completed the machine is loaded again and the control is set to a faster interval. In all, four cycles are recommended, decreasing the time interval between each. At the end of the last cycle the hitter should be drained.

Quick Wrist Drill The QUICK WRIST DRILL is an excellent drill for developing bat speed. Holding a short one handed bat, the batter can either hit from a standing or kneeling position with one leg forward. This isolates the lower body causing the wrists to work harder. With the Wheeler Dealer the frequency control is set as rapid a speed as the batter can handle. When one arm tires, the bat is quickly switched to the other hand.

Placement Drill By coordinating the height setting to the distance of the Wheeler Dealer in relation to the hitter, allows the hitter to place to ball in the exact spot that he or she wants to work.

Slap Drill THE SLAP HITTING DRILL is for softball only. By setting the Wheeler Dealer control at a set frequency, the hitter is able to rhythmically work on timing her approach to the ball. Timing the ballís arrival with a smooth, clean approach then allows for a quick break to first. This is the secret of great slap hitting.

Switch Hitting Drill Learning to hit from both sides of the plate is something that is often overruled by the young player for fear of appearing awkward. This problem is easily eliminated by the Wheeler Dealer. Now the hitter can practice swinging from the other side of the plate, alone, in total comfort. Being able to switch hit is a definite plus for any young hitter seeking higher gains in baseball or softball.

Catcher's Bunt Drill The purpose of this drill is to both develop a quicker response to the bunt and the quick leg muscles to pounce on it. A catch net is stationed at first base and a loaded Wheeler Dealer is placed in such a manner as to duplicate the direction and distance of the bunt desired. The catcher's crouch is assumed in the catchers' box. When the Wheeler Dealer launches the ball, the catcher charges it, turns and throws into the catch net at first base. He or she then hurries back into the catchers' box, awaiting the next launch. This is repeated until the machine is empty. Initially, the toss is set at its slowest rate, but as the student becomes more conditioned, the time rate is decreased.

Double Play Drill This drill's purpose is to decrease the time of turning the double play by both getting the ball out of the glove quicker and perfecting the timing between the two players. The Wheeler Dealer is set in front of either the shortstop or second baseman and a catch net set at first base. (The drill can also be performed by one player alone, fielding then tossing the ball to an imaginary second player). As in some of the above drills, the toss interval is decreased in proportion to the degree of proficiency obtained.

The Wheeler Dealer Soft Toss Machine

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