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The Quick Hitter
Quick Hitter Baseball Hitting Aid

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The Quick Hitter is a new, highly-effective batting trainer that improves pitch recognition and response. Unlike other batting aids, The Quick Hitter delivers a moving ball directly in the strike zone - training a batter to read and react instinctively to the ball - more like an actual pitch!

The Quick Hitter trains a batter to read and react to the ball more effectively and with greater quickness. Hitting a baseball/softball is completely reactive to what a pitcher throws, and when you're in the batter's box you must react to the ball in a fraction of a second to consistently excel. Utilizing this skill requires concentrated practice that trains you to "hit the ball where it's pitched".

Using the Quick Hitter does exactly that! It trains you to hit the ball on the corners of the plate, or a fastball right down the middle. When you build strong muscle memory and develop a quick sense for pitch location, reaction time is greatly improved - resulting in a more accurate and explosive swing!

Quick Hitter Hitting AidQuick Hitter Features:

  • Use Baseballs or Softballs
  • Weighs under 3 lbs, No Assembly Required
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed with 90 Day Warranty
  • Made in the USA

Quick Hitter Benefits:

  • Improves bat speed, timing and mechanics
  • Improves hand-eye coordination, balance and pitch recognition
  • Promotes the development of a short, compact swing
  • A perfect alternative to the batting cage or "live" batting practice
  • Develops good practice habits from every batting practice session
  • Develops a more accurate and explosive swing
  • Hitting drills work for players of any age, ability and skill level
  • Makes a great soft toss alternative. Coaches, say goodbye to squatting, sore backs, & stiff knees


"I had great success using the Quick Hitter. I train a lot of kids including my 4 sons. They loved using it. To them it is fun, to me I can change each rep up like a different pitch." I will also be using the Quick Hitter with my high school team, along with all the team training, camps, clinics, lessons. - Jeff Adams, Coach of the Year, Louisiana Baseball Coaches Association 2A

"As the coach of a 16U travel team, I've always practiced and recognized the benefits of the "drop-ball" hitting drill. And thanks to the Quick Hitter, it has really made this drill one of my favorites. I like being able to drop the ball in a precise pitch location. It gives my girls a way to work on different hitting situations which allows for immediate critique of their swing. And my girls just love the new "drop ball" drill with the Quick Hitter because it offers new variations that really make this drill so challenging, that they are more eager than ever to practice it. So as a coach and director of multi-level softball programs, I truly recommend the Quick Hitter to any coach or parent who's serious about helping their kids or team improve their hitting!" - Brian W. Shreves, Vice President Softball, Quartz Hill Little League

I've tried just about every training aid on the market and I guarantee that I do not hand out compliments unless I mean it. That's why all I can say is, "your tool is remarkable"! We try and get these kids to be quick to the ball and teach balance all the way through the swing. Using this training tool has been great for hand-eye coordination, while promoting a quicker swing all in one drill. The tool re-enforces balance all the way through the swing and it's strength is that it forces the players to explode with their big muscles. It has been great for our daily routine and I'm confident that it will pay off this season for our select team because I already see it paying off in practices. - John Nabber, Laces Academy in Everett, WA

Suggested Drills with the Quick Hitter

1. Toss Drill - Improve Timing & Mechanics

The Toss Drill helps a youth ball player dramatically improve their timing and mechanics by transforming traditional "soft toss" into a dynamic new hitting drill that conditions a batter to react to the ball more effectively and with greater quickness. How? The Toss Drill suspends the ball directly over the plate and in the "proper hitting zone" - The result is a swing that takes the correct path to the ball every time! - allowing good hitting mechanics to develop "naturally".

2. Drop Drill - Improve Bat Speed

Practicing the Drop Drill develops explosive quickness in your swing by forcing you to react to a moving ball in a split-second! It trains you to respond instantly to the ball with the same timing and response that it takes for the ball to leave a pitchers hand and cross the plate. Consistent practice of the Drop Drill conditions vital reflexes and develops exceptional muscle memory for a natural, quick swing -- one that accelerates through the hitting zone with accuracy and power -- and makes you a better hitter.

Quick Hitter Batting Aid

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