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SNAP ATTACK Football Training Machine
SNAP ATTACK Football Training Machine

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Designed by football coaches, the SNAP ATTACK Football Training Machine is a snap, pass and kick machine that will maximize your time on the most difficult-to-practice phases of the game. This machine is used by numerous NFL and College teams.

The Snap Attack Football Machine’s solid polyurethane throwing wheels firmly grip the ball for an accurate spin. The wheel guards protect arms from potential wheel burns as well as help to keep the wheels as dry as possible in inclement weather.

Rapid fire and multiple ball drills are part of the Snap Attack’s repertoire. The two independently running electric motors create not only a near-instantaneous recovery time, but furnish enough power to put the football anywhere on the field. On the passing stand, the Snap Attack can pivot instantly in any direction, accurately throwing passes, punts and kickoffs to any location on the field. In the lowered position at ground level at realistic angles, machine snaps ball to any depth in shotgun and pistol formations, extra points and punts. No second cradle is required for kickoff.

Quality Realistic Reps Without the Center!
  • Shotgun (5 yards) – 7 on 7 drills
  • No-back offense (5 yards)
  • Snaps to halfbacks (5-6 yards)
  • Quick kick (7 yards)
  • Short punt (7 yards)
  • Extra point (7-8 yards)
  • Long snap (14-15 yards)
  • Bad snaps (“Fire calls”)
Countless Reps Without the Quarterback!
  • Interception drills
  • Tip drills
  • Harassment drills (avoiding completions)
  • Defensive drills
  • Versus zone defenses
  • Prevent
  • Last two plays of game (versus ‘Hail Mary’)
  • Offensive drills
  • Coming to the ball – Sideline (out), Curl (hook) and Slant
Deep passes Emphasize the Kicking Game in a Fraction of the Time!
  • Squib kicks
  • Pooch kicks
  • Onside kicks
  • Punt return
  • Kick-off return
  • Long punts
Unique Features:
  • Universal cradle positions the ball for either passing, punting, snapping or kick-offs. No second cradle required for kick-off.
  • Loosen lever clamp half turn, pull locating pin back, and rotate throwing head to one of three exact positions to determine right or left pass/punt or end-over-end. Locating pin and holes instantly eliminate trial and error. Handles safely facilitate tilting of wheels to locate and lock throwing head into desired position.
  • Two high-powered motors provide instant recovery, allowing rapid repetition and combination of drills. No waiting for wheels to come back up to speed.
  • Passing stand allows throwing head to pivot instantly in any direction, accurately throwing passes, punts and kick-offs to any location on the field. Operators can lead receivers or spot punts or kick-offs precisely for both returns and coverage. Elevation changes are quick and easy. Machine can also be locked in for precise repetition.
  • In lowered position at ground level at realistic angles, machine snaps ball to any depth in shotgun and pistol formations, extra points and punts.
  • Solid guarded wheels are specially-designed for minimal wear and last the life of the machine with no need for pressure changes.
  • Forces quarterbacks to focus on catching the ball in snapping position for shotgun and pistol signal drills helping to eliminate fumbles in game conditions.
  • For extra point practice, it creates realistic timing as holder must focus on catching snap before placing ball. Also improves timing of kicker as he must time with snapped ball and holder.
  • Provides opportunity for holders and punters to practice against bad snaps.
  • Unit quickly moves on and off field; just tilt it, unsocket legs and easily roll it on two transporting wheels.
  • Controller is accessible, visible and safely away from throwing wheels.
  • Cast aluminum throwing wheel guards protect players, coaches, fingers and hands during operation.
  • Accessory remote automatic feed allows coach to control tempo of practice. Ball is snapped, passed or kicked on coach’s command. Remote can be changed back to hand-feed in seconds.
  • No assembly is required. Unit arrives fully assembled and ready for your immediate use.
Exceptional Quality:
  • Aluminum casting is light, strong and weather-proof
  • Steel-plated frame for strength and weather-resistance
  • Solid polyurethane football wheels provide tight spiral, long distance and accuracy and minimize marking and wearing of balls. No air pressure required
  • Two extra-wide solid transporting wheels make moving machine on and off field easy
  • Extra-wide tripod base insures real stability and safety
  • Two powerful variable speed motors drive two indestructible football throwing wheels
  • Maintenance free! All bearings are sealed and good for life of motor
  • 5 Year Manufacturer Limited Warranty (2 Years on the wheels/wheel motors)
  • Without the passing stand it weighs 90 lbs. With passing stand it weighs 115lbs.
Optional Accessories:

Snap Attack Remote Control:
Remote control feeds ball instantly or delayed to allow the coach to control tempo of practice. Also allows punter and extra-point kicker and holder to work alone. (accessory item, sold separately)

Snap Attack Universal Cart Clamp:
Universal Cart Clamp can be used to attach the Snap Attack to any round or square cart post from 2 ˝” to 4″ in diameter. (accessory item, sold separately)

Snap Attack Machine Cover: Heavy-duty cover is weatherproof and easy to put on. Made of 10 oz. laminated vinyl with draw cord and rope lock to secure cover onto machine. Full length size: 34″H x 31″L x 29″D

Snap Attack Football Machine

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