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PWR Power Hitting Weighted Baseballs
PWR Power Training Weighted Baseballs

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PWR Power Weighted Hittable BaseballPWR means Power! PWR balls are the only weighted regulation size baseballs used for batting practice to improve power hitting. These patented balls are great for tee work, short toss, soft toss - and they are specifically designed to work with pitching machines!

Simply put, practicing with PWR Baseballs is an excellent way to increase power at the plate. In a sense, the benefits are comparable to training with a wood bat instead of aluminum - with PWR baseballs there are no cheap hits, and they force you drive through the ball to achieve success.


  • Balls weigh 10 oz each
  • Made of a low durometer compound material
  • Patented design makes them the only baseball-sized weighted ball specifically for hitting practice
  • Use them with a Tee, Soft Toss, Short Toss & Pitching Machines
  • Developed by a former college ballplayer with an Engineering / Physics degree
  • Will not damage aluminum bats
  • Available in 3-packs, 6-packs or by the dozen


  • Increases power and hitting strength
  • Teaches players to hit through the ball
  • Develops muscle memory
  • Increases ability to drive the ball to the opposite field
  • Improves balance during the entire swing
  • Forces players to keep their front shoulder in - they will not be able to pull off the ball
  • Exploits any holes in a player's swing, making them easier to correct
  • Increases concentration

PWR Power Weighted BaseballHow Does The Power Baseball Work?

  • The PWR Baseball was designed for improving a batter's power.
  • The material is a low durometer (a measure of material hardness) compound. This compound is soft so as to not damage aluminum bats (when used as directed).
  • The low durometer material returns 50% of its energy. It also stays on the bat longer. This extra time on the bat really makes a player drive through the ball.
  • The weight of the ball is a feature coaches will get the most coaching from. How often does a coach say “You've got to go with that pitch”? With PWR balls, a player that tries to pull the outside pitch will likely be pulled off balance themselves. As a result, coaches will see tremendous improvement in their players' abilities to drive the ball to the opposite field.

The Physics:

  • P=mv
  • P=momentum
  • m=mass (weight, for our purposes)
  • v=velocity (speed of the ball)

Example: Baseballs weigh 5 oz (m=5). Pitched at 80 mph, (v=80) P= 5*80=400. The PWR ball weighs 10 oz. Pitched at 80 mph, P=10*80=800. This shows The PWR baseball carries twice the momentum.

There is another contributing factor to the force of the PWR Baseball aside from momentum - its elastic coefficient. The ball returns 50% of its energy. It does not point load so it stays on the bat longer. These factors contribute to the forces a batter must overcome when hitting the PWR Baseball.

PWR Baseball In Use

Tee - Using the PWR Baseball during Tee work will increase one's power. Single hand work will increase hitting strength, top hand and bottom hand hitting off the Tee.

PWR Power Weighted Baseballs - DozenSoft Toss- The best repetition drill for batting practice. Use PWR Baseballs at home to get those extra cuts in. The repetition will increase your strength and develop muscle memory.

Short Toss - Using the PWR Baseball in short toss applications of 12-15 feet will be of more benefit to the hitter to strengthen their swing than Tee work. Suffice to say, once you've hit the PWR Baseball you'll have more power when striking a regulation baseball.

Pitching Machine- The pitching machine is what the PWR Baseball was designed for. Set the machine up at a distance so the reaction time is the same as a pitched baseball. Throw the PWR Baseball at 40 miles per hour. You'll be amazed by how heavy they feel. The balls carry so much momentum and Kinetic energy that once your players can drive the PWR Baseball, you'll see dramatic increases in their hitting power.

Great for FastPitch Softball too!

What benefits will FastPitch players realize by training with the PWR Baseball? The PWR Baseball is 50% heavier than a regulation softball. Hitting the PWR Baseball will increase your players' hitting power. The small diameter will work to improve hand eye coordination. The softness of the material will not damage aluminum bats. The softness will cause the ball to stay on the bat longer during contact thereby teaching players to hit through the ball.

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