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Absolute Swing Bat
Absolute Swing Bat Baseball Training Aid

The Absolute Swing Bat has been replaced
by the New and Improved SWING BAT - CLICK HERE!

Product Code: ASB-100


Note: The Absolute Swing Bat has been replaced by the New and Improved SWING BAT - CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS.

Swing Science brings you the Absolute Swing Bat (ASB) the latest and greatest swing trainer designed to develop and reinforce the perfect swing. Anyone, from beginner to pro, can learn or refine the perfect swing, without ever hitting a ball or having someone throw a pitch. Because of that, the ASB can be used indoors or out, rain or shine, with friends or by yourself.

The concept is simple when you swing, if the patented sliding mechanism hits back in your swing, youre late, also called dragging your hands. If you make it hit out in front of you, where you would make contact, youre swinging like the pros. The ASB teaches the perfect swing and develops the muscle memory needed to repeat it, swing after swing, game after game.

The Absolute Swing Bat is 28" long (can be used by youth & adult). It also comes complete with Protective Carrying Case. Designed for kids and adults at least 5' tall.


My son immediately started swinging away trying to match the click of the ball with the "impact" of the ball...Hes planning on taking cuts every day! - Dan M., Father and Coach.

My son hit his first HOMERUN 2 days after getting the ASB. I couldnt believe it! -Kathleen M.

"I use the ASB to build better, faster and stronger hitters at my facility. The ASB is great for my instruction program because it includes the exchangeable weight ends for strength and conditioning workouts. The small 1" bat barrel the ASB has is excellent for eye-hand coordination drills. I have several tools that I use to help develop my students. The ASB is one of my favorite tools, because the results are immediate!"- Steve DeAngelis, 10 Years Professional Baseball Player with the Phillies, Angels & As, and current Chicago White Sox Scout.

The ASB can provide sport specific training in the areas of muscle strength, muscle endurance, and postural/trunk stabilization...an excellent biofeedback tool that allows one to key into all of the dynamic components involved in swinging a bat by providing auditory, visual, and proprioception input to enhance ones awareness of hand eye coordination and timing, while conditioning and training specific muscles involved. Overall, the ASB can effectively teach the coordinated movement patterns required for accuracy and precision swings. - Ming Harwig, M.P.T, Masters Physical Therapy (10yrs Experience).

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