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TMAX-100   ThrowMAX Flexible Arm Brace
INST79   Timi Moni - Marietta, GA
INST32   Todd Bringman - Elmore, OH 43416
INST17   Todd Thomas - Arlington, TX 76002
INST21   Tom Ellison - Tamms, IL 62988
BRT-TRI   Tommy Gregg Tripod Travel Batting Tee
INS-TFHHPM   Triple Flame Hand Held Pitching Machine
STI-TRIPBBBA   Triple Play BASIC 3-Wheel Baseball Pitching Machine
STI-TRIPSBBAS   Triple Play BASIC 3-Wheel Softball Pitching Machine
STI-TRIPBB   Triple Play PRO 3-Wheel Baseball Pitching Machine
STI-TRIPSB   Triple Play PRO 3-Wheel Softball Pitching Machine
STI-HOMP   Triple Play ULTRA Programmable Pitching Machine
STI-HOMPSB   Triple Play ULTRA Programmable Softball Pitching Machine
INST28   Troy Steffy - Lancaster, PA
MUH-TRU   Tru-Toss Soft Toss Machine
TPI-1010   True Pitch 1010 Regulation Bullpen Practice Mound
TPI-2022   True Pitch 202-2 Baseball/Softball Practice Mound
TPI-2024   True Pitch 202-4 4" Practice Mound
TPI-402   True Pitch 402 Bob Feller Bullpen / Backyard Mound
TPI-600   True Pitch 600 Regulation Practice Mound
SPO-HOM   Turf Home Plate Batting Stance Mat
PRM-TRFB   TurfBase Bases / Home Plates / Pitching Rubbers
BPHL-UPP   Ultimate Pitcher's and Catcher's Plate
ART31   Use Colored Dots to Improve Batter Recognition
VARO-ARC   Varo ARC 12oz Baseball Bat Weight
VARO-ARCSM   Varo ARC 12oz SMALL Baseball Bat Weight
VARO-ARCSB   Varo ARC 12oz Softball Bat Weight
VARO-COR   Varo COR 20oz Baseball Bat Weight
VEL-PRO   VeloPRO Velocity Load Harness
INST80   Victor Yoshida - Lake Elsinore, CA 92532
INST82   Vince Licursi - Northeast Ohio 44134
VIP-174G   Viper Bat Model 174G Wood Bat
VIP-M73   Viper Bat Model 73 Wood Bat
VIP-CMB   Viper Bat Platinum Series Maple Wood Bats
VIP-YOU   Viper Bat Ultra Light Youth Birch Bat - 3 Pack
VIP-VBB   Viper Bat VBB Bamboo Wood Bat
VIP-YOULLS   Viper LL271 Ultra Light Little League Youth Birch Bat
VIP-YOULL   Viper Ultra Light Little League Youth Birch Bat
CHA-96   Waffle Bottom Throw Down Home Plate
WAG-100   WAG™ Weighted Agility Gloves
CHA-BBWTSET   Weighted Training Baseballs Set
CHA-SBWTSET   Weighted Training Softballs Set
INST18   Wes Hazlett - Raymond, MN 56282
ART37   What You Have to Know as a Base Coach
ATH-WHD   Wheeler Dealer Soft Toss Machine
YSC-WTP   Where's The Play? Interactive CD
WLE-01037WL   White Line Athletic Paint Striper
INST61   William Cook - Prairieville, LA 70769
INST8   Willie Madrid - San Jose, CA
INST37   Windward Baseball - Alpharetta, GA 30004
YSC-WBS   Winning Baseball Strategies DVD
COA-WSE   Winning Secrets Book
ART41   Wood Bats: The Ultimate Training Tool
XPR-DINGR   Xprotex DINGR Batting Gloves
XPR-HMR   Xprotex HAMMR Protective Batting Gloves
XPR-RYKR   Xprotex RAYKR Adult Protective Batting Gloves
XPR-RKTR   Xprotex REAKTR Protective Fielding Glove
TRE-XT99   Xtender 24' - 72' Home Batting Cages
ART18   You Call This Baseball?
ART9   Youth Baseball Practices Don’t Have To Be Long To Be Good
ART16   Youth Baseball Tryouts and The Draft
ATH-ZIP   Zip Net Indoor Sports Net
PTES-ZIP   Zone In Pitching Target

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