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Get the accessories you need for your wood bats including pine tar, Pow'r Tac bat Tackifier, bat weights and more.
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Pow'r Tac Spray-on Tackifier Manny Mota Grip Stick Brett Bros Deluxe Pine Tar Pro
Manny Mota Grip Stick
Our Price: $13.95
Grab with Power! Pow'r Tac Spray-on Tackifier is a high tech spray-on tackifier for athletes that need extra gripping power but don't like the brown gooey mess of pine tar. Pow’r Tac gives you an awesome grip, so it's no suprise that it is rapidly replacing pine tar as the tackifier of choice among serious ballplayers. This is a pine tar solution used by numerous professional teams and players. Simply peel the cardboard back and rub on bat and feel the incredible grip difference. Reusable, long lasting, and not messy like liquid pine tar. Can be used on either wood or aluminum bats. This handy Deluxe Pine Tar Pro makes it easy to apply Pine Tar to any bat with ease, and without the mess. It also comes with its own attached carrying case for the bottle of Pine Tar and a clip so that it can be attached to almost anything. A 4 oz. bottle of Pine Tar is included. FREE SHIPPING!
Pow'r Wrap Bat Weights Hitting Jack-It Batting Weight Brett Bros Bat Weight
Pow'r Wrap Bat Weights
Our Price: $19.95
Brett Bros Bat Weight
Our Price: $5.99
Swing with Power! The Pow’r Wrap has become the preferred on-deck warm-up weight for the major leagues and all softball leagues. Works the specific muscles used in hitting just prior to your at-bat. Available in three sizes: baseball, softball, and youth. The Hitting Jack-It Batting Weight is the first and only weight in the game you can hit live batting practice with. Unlike regular batting donuts, it keeps hands from casting while building power, bat speed, and proper form. Comes in a 3-pack set for baseball and fastpitch softball. Also available individually in a variety of weights.   FREE SHIPPING! Warm up on deck with this easy off bat weight (also called a bat donut). Weighs 16 oz.
Brett Bros Bat Tape Grip Lizard Skins Bat Grip
Lizard Skins Bat Grip
Our Price: $10.00 (add $2 for Camo)
Replace your worn bat grip or tape your new wood bat with this padded rubberized bat tape grip from Brett Bros. FREE SHIPPING! Lizard Skins Bat Grips have excellent durability, increased shock absorption, and great feel in all conditions. Each roll of bat wrap is 39 inches in length with pre-cut ends and is designed to fit any bat (wood, aluminum or composite). Choose from multiple colors.