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Ultimate Pitching Machines - a series of accurate pitching machines with no electricity required! Available for all levels of play, and endorsed by Louisville Slugger, the most trusted name in baseball.

The UPM30 Instructor pitches at speeds up to 30 MPH and is perfect for little league.

The UPM45 Blue Flame is a great entry level machine that throws speeds up to 45 MPH and throws any type of ball. Lightweight and extremely portable.

The UPM55 Red Fire is an underhand softball pitching machine that throws 11" and 12" softballs as well as machine pitch softballs up to 55 mph. Great for fastpitch.

The UPM75 Black Smoke is designed for high school and above, and can throw 55-75 MPH in addition to throwing long distance fly balls and hard ground balls.

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The Instructor Ultimate Pitching Machine Blue Flame Ultimate Pitching Machine
Endorsed by Louisville Slugger, the Instructor Ultimate Pitching Machine is lightweight, easy-to-use, and requires no electricity. It's great for both practices and pre-games, home or away. The lever action flicks baseballs with consistent location and speed (up to 30 mph) to help young players overcome the fear factor - they know where and when the ball will be pitched. Throws all kinds of practice balls plus game-weight baseballs and softballs. A great beginner's pitching machine that can throw any type of ball...
Black Flame Ultimate Pitching Machine
The Black Flame is the ultimate multi-sport training aid for coaches and players.  It throws any type of ball and is ideal for use in baseball, softball, tennis, cricket, volleyball and soccer.