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The Total Hitting & Pitching Stats Workbook
Total Hitting & Pitching Stats Workbook

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The easiest to use, most complete baseball / softball stat sheet available! This simple yet powerful Excel Workbook tracks every baseball and softball stat you'll need for hitting & pitching. It is foolproof as far as entering info correctly - you simply enter the stats that you kept during the game and you'll have all the Team & Individual stats you need. They'll automatically update game to game, up to 100 games. You can use the Workbook over & over - simply re-name (re-save) it for your current season when you open it, leaving the original intact.

How it Works:

You'll type in the Player info (Name, #, Position) on the Roster Sheet & and it will update on the Team & Individual sheets & workbook tabs on the bottom automatically. On the Roster sheet you can also put in your schedule, results & coaches info.

Your entire Team Stats will be summed up on two sheets - one for Team Hitting & one for Team Pitching. Each player also has their own stat sheet for Hitting and Pitching that you can update game-by-game on separate lines so you don't have to add new stats onto previous stats (and hope you didn't make a mistake).

Every effort has been made to ensure that stat entry will be as fast & accurate as possible. You can enter a complete game's worth of stats for your entire team...hitting & pitching in a matter of minutes!

Hitting Stats

Simply put the player stats for the current game on their individual sheet and they update on a game-by-game basis on the Team Hitting Sheet automatically. This makes it much easier to update player stats game-to-game, and also makes it easy to go back and check against the scorebook on a game-by-game basis if necessary.

The Team Hitting Sheet will highlight the top 3 players statistically in over 20 different offensive categories. This helps coaches with their batting order, and with player substitutions. The Team Hitting Sheet & 20 player sheets will automatically keep track of or calculate: Batting Avg., On Base Percentage, Slugging Percentage, O.P.S. (On Base Pct. + Slugging Pct.), Total Bases, Hits, At Bats, Total Plate Appearances, K's, Sac's, Sac fly's, BB, RBI's, HBP, Stolen Bases and several more.

Pitching Stats

For Pitching, it's the same procedure. After you enter the players' pitching stats (Starter, Middle Relief, Closer), the Team Pitching Sheet will calculate Wins, Losses, Saves, No decisions, Total Pitches, Innings Pitched, Strikes, Strikeouts, Strikeouts per inning, Strike Pct., Walks per inning, Earned Runs, Unearned Runs, ERA, W.H.I.P. (Walks+Hits/Innings Pitched), Total Bases, Total Hits, Walks, Wild Pitches, Passed Balls, Singles, Doubles, Triples, Home Runs, Pickoffs, Balks & more. The spreadsheet also highlights statistical leaders in several categories. It will track 10 pitchers for 10-25 appearances each.


  • Made using Excel 2000 and usable on newer versions of Excel
  • Comes in either 30, 65 or 100 game versions
  • Includes individual sheets for up to 20 batters and 10 pitchers
  • Includes Schedule-Results-Roster page for 30-100 games and 20 player roster + Coaching Staff
  • You can print out the total Team Hitting & Team Pitching stats on 2 separate sheets
  • You can print out all the individual player stats on separate sheets for hitting & pitching
  • Individual & team workbook sheets are already formatted - will print out normally on a single sheet
  • Sheets are color-coded for easier viewing
  • Perfectly suitable for any level of play from Youth ball through College
  • Formulas used for all the basic stats are the same ones used in MLB
  • Visual Basic code (advanced features) was created exclusively by a renowned Excel expert
  • Entire workbook easily fits on a standard floppy disc
  • Unlimited email support

Additional Features: The Visual Basic code will automatically update the tabs on the bottom of the sheet with the players' names as you fill out your roster sheet. It will also automatically calculate your team record and total runs (for/against) based on game scores. Names entered on the Roster Sheet are automatically updated on the Team & individual sheets throughout the workbook. Inputting basic game-to-game stats can be done with the mouse only - left click adds numbers & right click subtracts numbers, making stat entry extremely fast.


"It just works. It's great for individual player stats, team stats, all total team stats on just 2 sheets, 1 hitting & 1 pitching. I can always go back to check individual games against the book if there are any questions. We've used it for 3 yrs now, 3 leagues per year + Tournaments without a single issue. I've put in a doubleheader's worth of stats hitting & pitching in less than 15 minutes just using the mouse. I use it to set my lineups, pitching rotation & subs. It works great!" - Scott Stefanik - Asst Coach: Yonkers Baseball PAL 18u Eagles

"I've used this stat sheet for 3 years now with my Travel Softball team (now 18u). It gives me everything I need to adjust my lineups and pitching every game if need be... it hasactually made our team and coaching staff better with the details it provides. All the calculations work great, fits on a floppy so I take it everywhere. Putting in the stats is so easy we do it at the game during the game. After the game while the team is packing up I look at our #'s for the game and go over some things with them before they go so they know some things we're going to work on next practice. It's been such a big help it's a permanent part of my softball program." - Joe C., Asst Head Coach: P.A L. Lightning

"I used it for my HS Baseball team last year and was quite surprised at the amount of information it put out with just the basic stats I entered. The fact that it had the latest hitting & pitching statistical categories was a big help in me fine-tuning my rotation and lineup. Stat input was quick and the individual player sheets for both hitting & pitching was good because my players could see how they matched up against certain opponents. I'm very happy with it. - Bill Consiglio, Varsity Head Coach, 2010 Saunders Blue Devils

"I have been using the Excel spreadsheet for a couple of years. I am very happy with the way it works and it's easy to use. I put in my kids names, and what they did for that game and it helps me a great deal. I can use it for setting up my lineup and I can print out the individual sheets for the parents so they can see what to work on with their children and how they are doing, what their playing time has been, etc. It's been a pleasure to work with it and I haven't found anything else anywhere that does what this stat sheet does. I recommend it & I've actually told people about it. It's a great tool." - Ricardo Jimenez, Coach of 12U travel team

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