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Superior Bat Company's A-bats line are tough, custom-made maple bats made from only the best materials. Each bat begins as a hand-selected hard maple tree, specifically chosen for its superior quality. From start to finish, each phase of the bat-making process is closely monitored and inspected for quality. A-bats look great, feel great, and are made to last. Whether you're looking for a durable practice bat or powerful game bat, Superior Bat Co. can tailor a hard maple bat specifically to your needs.

A Bats are fully customized!! Choose from 15 different colors for both the handle and the barrel, for a truly personalized bat. Plus engraving is free! You can also choose the weight drop and cupped or non-cupped (they are cupped by default). Shipping time varies by specific bat. If they have it in stock, it will ship the next day. If not, then it will typically ship in 7-10 days. The most likely bats to ship the next day are 32" or 33" bats in a single color.

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Superior A-Bat Warrior Youth Wood Bat Superior A-Bat Model 71 Wood Bat
Learn the difference between wood & aluminum early on with this custom youth bat... The Model 71 is a medium flared handle (.93"), medium barrel (2.51") bat. The little extra wood at the base of the handle makes the handle feel considerably thicker than its .93 inches. A versatile bat, good for contact hitters who also want power in a larger, heavier handle bat.
Superior A-Bat Model 41 Wood Bat Superior A-Bat Model 99 Wood Bat
The Model 41 is a thin handle (.90"), medium barrel (2.50") bat. The 41 is clearly barrel-heavy, but not so much that it's still easy to control and generate good bat speed. The 41 may be a good choice for a contact hitter who likes a thin handle, and medium barrel, fast bat. The Model 99 is a small to medium handle (.92"), large barrel (2.56") bat. While the 99 is barrel-heavy, it is easy to swing, control, and get good bat speed. For a large barrel bat, the 99 feels fast. The 99 barrel thins pretty quickly, but it doesn't thin too much so as to cause vibrations. A good choice for either a contact or power hitter who likes a thinner handle, larger barrel bat.
Superior A-Bat Model 56 Wood Bat
The Model 56 is a medium handle (.93"), large barrel (2.53") bat. Although barrel-heavy, the 56 is easy to control and swing. A hitter can control the bat and generate good bat speed even without a lot of strength.  The 56 barrel has plenty of wood to drive the ball with authority.