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Below are some great gift ideas for the baseball or softball enthusiast in your family. These items are great stocking stuffers!
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Gift Certificate PalmGard STS Batting Gloves
Give the baseball or softball player in your life a Gift Certificate to HittingWorld! Just specify an amount, and we'll deliver the certificate via email or mail (you choose). Soften the Sting with these high quality batting gloves from Palmgard! Palmgard STS batting gloves are constructed of Astra-Soft leather with Pro-grade, double Lycra® spandex finger gussets for a snug fit and flexibility.
Hands Inside Trainer (H.I.T) Batting Tee Attachment The Bat Jack Grip Trainer
The Bat Jack Grip Trainer
Our Price: $19.95
The Hands Inside Trainer (H.I.T) is a batting tee attachment that promotes the proper hand path during the swing. Turns virtually any batting tee into a swing trainer that teaches hitters to stay inside the ball.. FREE SHIPPING! The Bat Jack Grip Trainer teaches proper grip and hand alignment. It maximizes bat control and bat speed, while keeping the grip in contact with the actual bat handle.
A Coaches Guide to Training Catchers DVD by Dave Weaver Tee Stackers Batting Tee Attachment  (Set of 2)
Tee Stackers (Set of 2)
Our Price: $14.99
New England Catching Camp founder Dave Weaver masterfully addresses every aspect of the catcher position on this 160 minute DVD. Weaver covers the stance, pitch framing. blocking pitches, proper throwing mechanics, fielding and much more. A must have for any serious catcher. Great for all ages. Get Instant Feedback On Every Swing! Tee Stackers attach to your existing batting tee, and the unique design allows you to "stack" two or three balls on a hitting tee at the same time. Comes in a set of 2.
XPROTEX RAYKR Adult Protective Batting Gloves Power Drive Hitting Brace Trainer
Power Drive Hitting Brace Trainer
Our Price: $49.95 - $54.95
Go to the plate with confidence! The high quality RAYKR batting gloves from Xprotex are specifically designed to protect the batter's wrist, back of hand, and knuckles. Available in Adult sizes XS - XXL. FREE SHIPPING! The Power Drive Hitting Brace Trainer keeps your front arm in the perfect hitting position while keeping your hands in tight, inside the ball, for greater bat speed through the strike zone.  Develops bat speed, power and strong, quick hands.
Glove Radar Swing Speed Radar
Glove Radar
Our Price: $69.95
Swing Speed Radar
Our Price: $119.95
Accurate doppler radar from any ballglove! Endorsed by All-Century Center Fielder Ken Griffey Jr. to improve your throwing skills. A small, inexpensive microwave Doppler radar velocity sensor that measures the swing speed of golfers and baseball/softball players. It assists players in developing/optimizing their swing by providing a convenient measure of their swing velocity. Rugged, compact design makes it convenient to carry and use in the batting cage, on the practice field, or in your backyard.
Coaching the Beginning Pitcher: Teach Pitching Safely and Effectively Pow'r Tac Spray-on Tackifier
Teach pitching safely and effectively.  A complete coaching reference to pitching mechanics, arm care, pick-offs, mound presence, mental strategy, common flaws and fundamental drills. Grab with Power! Pow'r Tac Spray-on Tackifier is a high tech spray-on tackifier for athletes that need extra gripping power but don't like the brown gooey mess of pine tar. Pow’r Tac gives you an awesome grip, so it's no suprise that it is rapidly replacing pine tar as the tackifier of choice among serious ballplayers.
Manny Mota Grip Stick Brett Bros Deluxe Pine Tar Pro
Manny Mota Grip Stick
Our Price: $13.95
This is a pine tar solution used by numerous professional teams and players. Simply peel the cardboard back and rub on bat and feel the incredible grip difference. Reusable, long lasting, and not messy like liquid pine tar. Can be used on either wood or aluminum bats. This handy Deluxe Pine Tar Pro makes it easy to apply Pine Tar to any bat with ease, and without the mess. It also comes with its own attached carrying case for the bottle of Pine Tar and a clip so that it can be attached to almost anything. A 4 oz. bottle of Pine Tar is included. FREE SHIPPING!
Pow'r Wrap Bat Weights Hitting Jack-It Batting Weight
Pow'r Wrap Bat Weights
Our Price: $19.95
Swing with Power! The Pow’r Wrap has become the preferred on-deck warm-up weight for the major leagues and all softball leagues. Works the specific muscles used in hitting just prior to your at-bat. Available in three sizes: baseball, softball, and youth. The Hitting Jack-It Batting Weight is the first and only weight in the game you can hit live batting practice with. Unlike regular batting donuts, it keeps hands from casting while building power, bat speed, and proper form. Comes in a 3-pack set for baseball and fastpitch softball. Also available individually in a variety of weights.   FREE SHIPPING!
Hitting for Excellence Swing Mechanics Video Hitting for Excellence Curveball & Power Hitting Video
Hitting for Excellence DVD#1 - Mechanics of the Swing
Our Price: $24.95
Sale Price: $16.95
You save $8.00!
Hitting for Excellence DVD#2 - Power Hitting & Conquering the Curveball
Our Price: $24.95
Sale Price: $17.95
You save $7.00!
MLB hitting coach Dave Hudgens teaches the critical fundamentals of the swing... FREE SHIPPING! The second video in the Hitting for Excellence Series by Major League Hitting Coach Dave Hudgens. Learn how to hit for power and how to master the curveball. FREE SHIPPING!
The 59 Minute Baseball Practice DVD Baseball Made Easy Practice Organization DVD by Pete Caliendo
"The 59 Minute Baseball Practice" has been called "the bible of baseball instructional tools." This superb instructional DVD contains over 30 easy to follow drills, including hitting drills, pitching drills, first and third strategies, and base running drills. This video is now required by some leagues for coaches and parents. This Pratice Organization DVD gives you the drills and techniques to help make your practices fun and easy. Coach Caliendo shows you over 50 easy to duplicate drills with tips to reinforce the fundamentals. Regardless of limited space, minimal equipment or shortage of coaches, this proven program will help you get the most out of your practices.
Where's The Play? Interactive CD CoachDeck Baseball Practice Drill Cards
An information-packed interactive CD that teaches the all-important baseball and softball basics that young players need to learn and visualize. Perfect for any baseball coach! Over 50 professional baseball drills that teach valuable fundamentals to your players. Includes card holder. FREE SHIPPING!
Zano Weighted Batting Gloves Brett Bros Handheld Pitch Counter
Zano Weighted Batting Gloves
Our Price: $39.95
Sale Price: $29.95
You save $10.00!
Training gloves that will increase bat control, bat speed and power, while also developing confidence at the plate. Count pitches easily! The best selling coaches tool - chrome plated, easy action with a clear 4-digit readout. This version of our Pitch Counter is a "Hand Held" - thumb operated. It also has a finger ring and an instant reset knob. A great coach's aid for baseball or softball.
Youth Baseball Drills Book Instructional Hitting Package #1
Hitting Package #1
Our Price: $84.95
This book by Coach Marty Schupak is a handy coaching tool that contains a variety of both tried-and-true and innovative drills that build on and reinforce baseball instruction of 7- to 12-year-olds. Helpful tips throughout the book make on-field practice, organization, and time management much easier. Youth Baseball Drills is your guide to fun, productive practices so that your players get the best possible experience playing the sport. We put together this collection of Top Hitting DVDs that are ideal for your aspiring youth hitter. Save when you order this hand-picked package of instructional hitting videos by top coaches Dave Hudgens, Pete Caliendo, and Marty Schupak.
Instructional Pitching Package #1 Instructional Baseball Coaching Package #1
Pitching Package #1
Our Price: $79.95
Coaching Package #1
Our Price: $107.95
We put together this collection of Top Pitching DVDs and Books that are ideal for your aspiring youth pitcher. Save when you order this hand-picked package of instructional pitching videos / books by instructors Dan Gazaway, Pete Caliendo, Dan Keller and Marty Schupak. Everything a youth baseball coach needs to learn! This is our hand-picked collection of top Coaching DVDs, books and practice drill cards by renowned coaches Marty Schupak, Pete Caliendo and more. Over $20 in savings!
Champion Plastic Golf Balls - Set of 12 Instructional Baseball Catching Package #1
Catching Package #1
Our Price: $99.95
These white plastic golf balls from Champion Sports come in a retail pack of 12. Great for golf or baseball training in the backyard. Everything you need to train your catcher! A collection of top catching DVDs and books by Dave Weaver, Brent Mayne, Marty Schupak & Pete Caliendo. Over $20 in savings!
Coaching Youth Baseball DVD (For Ages 5-8) Coaching Youth Baseball DVD (For Ages 9-12)
In this Coaching Youth Baseball DVD (Ages 5-8), Coach Scott Bradley presents over 40 youth baseball drills developed specifically for 5- to 8-year-old players learning how to play baseball. Topics Covered: Throwing, Catching, Fielding, Hitting, Baserunning and more. Provides consistent training for all parents, coaches and volunteers. In this Coaching Youth Baseball DVD (Ages 9-12), Coach Scott Bradley presents 40+ great baseball drills and coaching tips for Little League. Topics Covered: Throwing, Catching, Fielding, Hitting, Baserunning and more. Perfect for Teams and Leagues. Meets Little League coaching clinic participation requirement.
WAG™ Weighted Agility Gloves w/Tough Grip PalmGard Protective Inner Glove XTRA
The Weighted Agility Glove (WAG) is the only glove that works ALL sets of muscles in the fingers and hands by adding weight resistance to the fingers, as well as the back of the hand. The weights on the back of the hand are fully removable to set weight resistance at proper levels, depending on desired movement. Also available with Tough Grip Palm for extra grip and durability. Protect your glove hand! The Palmgard Protective Inner Glove XTRA is a high quality defensive glove that helps prevent bruises and lessens the sting at impact. New and improved design features additional padding on the middle finger and thumb. Ideal for catchers.
Xprotex HAMMR Protective Batting Gloves REAKTR Protective Fielding Glove
The HAMMR Protective Batting Gloves from XPROTEX offer both wrist and hand protection for batters by protecting the small bones in the hand and wrist that are most vulnerable to injury from a pitched ball. Available in Youth and Adult sizes in Black. FREE SHIPPING! The REAKTR Protective Fielding Glove keeps your hands dry and connected to your glove. Designed to enhance the fit and comfort of your fielder's glove while cushioning the hand against bone bruises from bad hops. Ideal for catchers and all infielders.  Available in Adult sizes SM-2XL, in Black. FREE SHIPPING!
Brett Bros IONIC Titanium Necklace Brett Bros T2X Single Strand Titanium Necklace
Rejuvenate your body from physical activity & stress! The IONIC titanium necklace from Brett Bros helps relieve stiffness in the neck and shoulders, eventually stabilizing your whole body. Choose from 25 colors in sizes small, medium, and large. Rejuvenate your body from physical activity and stress. The T2X Ionic necklace helps relieve stiffness in the shoulders and neck, eventually stabilizing your whole body. Choose from 12 different colors in sizes small, medium, and large.
CoachDeck Softball Practice Drill Cards SKLZ Reaction Ball Defensive Fielding Aid
SKLZ Reaction Ball
Our Price: $9.99
Perfect for any softball coach! Over 50 professional softball drills that teach valuable fundamentals to your players. Includes card holder. FREE SHIPPING! The SKLZ Reaction Ball is a fielding aid that dramatically improves baseball fielding skills and hand eye coordination. Simulates the bad / unpredictable hops.
Winning Secrets Book Brett Bros Bat Tape Grip
Winning Secrets Book
Our Price: $24.95
If you're coaching a youth recreation or travel-ball team and you want to win, Winning Secrets is a must-read. You'll learn offensive and defensive strategies that will leave opponents bewildered and base running techniques that will make your team the most feared in the league. You'll know how to lay the foundation at the very first practice that will have your players performing at the highest level all season. Replace your worn bat grip or tape your new wood bat with this padded rubberized bat tape grip from Brett Bros. FREE SHIPPING!
Brett Bros Eye Black EvoShield Batter's Leg Guard
Brett Bros Eye Black
Our Price: $6.99
Brett Bros Baseball Eye Black reduces the glare from sun and night lights. Easy to apply and remove. FREE SHIPPING! EvoShield’s Batter’s Leg Guard offers the highest level of protection for the shin, ankle, and foot. Lightweight, ultrathin, and breathable, this custom-molding leg guard will not slow you down. Custom-molding Shields form uniquely to each individual athletes body, providing comfortable protection from foul balls and wild pitches.
EvoShield Batter's Elbow Guard EvoShield Baseball Catcher's Thumb Guard
EvoShield's signature Batter's Elbow Guard is the newest advancement in hitting protection. Don't compromise your swing using a bulky, hockey-style elbow guard. Protects against wild pitches like no other elbow guard on the market. One size fits all. Provides protection where you need it - whether it's your thumb, fingers or palm. Can be worn inside the catcher's glove to help prevent jammed thumbs, GameKeeper's thumb, UCL injuries or for added palm protection. Available in 2 sizes: Small/Youth and Large.
EvoShield Compression Arm Sleeve EvoShield Compression Wrist Sleeve w/ Strap
EvoShield’s performance compression fabric provides muscle support to reduce fatigue while keeping your arm warm. Available in 3 sizes: Youth, Adult Small and Adult Large. EvoShield’s Compression Wrist Sleeve w/ Strap lets you choose the level of wrist compression you want. You'll never need to tape your wrists again. Available in Small, Medium, Large and XL.
EvoShield Protective Wrist Guard Tee Ball Skills & Drills DVD
EvoShield’s Protective Wrist Guard works great at the plate and in the field, and is especially useful for catchers. It provides the compression of tape, the comfort of cotton, and the protection of a Shield. Available in Small, Medium, Large and XL. This DVD Includes 37 creative drills that T-Ball coaches and parents can do with their team or their own kids at home.  Hitting fundamentals, throwing, baserunning and fielding are just some of the skills covered. Coaches need to be creative to keep kids stimulated in practices and during games. Many of the drills in “T-Ball Skills & Drills”  use common household items as props.
Lizard Skins Bat Grip
Lizard Skins Bat Grip
Our Price: $10.00 (add $2 for Camo)
Lizard Skins Bat Grips have excellent durability, increased shock absorption, and great feel in all conditions. Each roll of bat wrap is 39 inches in length with pre-cut ends and is designed to fit any bat (wood, aluminum or composite). Choose from multiple colors.