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The Straight Shooter DELUXE Baseball & Softball Launcher
The Straight Shooter Baseball & Softball Launcher

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Launch consistent fly balls, and make practice more efficient!

The Straight Shooter DELUXE Model is a patented, manually operated and cost-effective devise used to consistently launch balls at different trajectories to train baseball and softball players through repetition with quality. It takes away the need to hit a ball and allows for more catchable and playable balls to keep practices and players involved.

The Straight Shooter is designed to be used for both outfield and infield training. It has the ability to throw fly balls, line drives, and ground balls accurately, which allows players to get quality repetitions. It does not need generators, cords, gas, batteries or outlets. It has the ability to be used at short distances with safety balls for younger ballplayers and can shoot up to 400 ft. for training of older players. It also launches softballs up to 275ft, and launches vertically for practicing infield pop-ups.

How to use it: The operator can stand or crouch behind the machine, then place a ball in the pouch, and then let go. Based on the amount of force when pulled back and the angle of release, the operator can control distance as well as angle of the ball launched.

The hinge mechanism is constructed of steel for durability and held in the throwing position (upright) via a pin. The throwing mechanism can easily be removed via wing nuts and can be replaced when worn out by ordering just that part.


  • Accurate and consistent
  • Launches baseballs up to 400 ft, softballs up to 275 ft
  • Works equally well with wiffle balls, tennis balls and poly balls
  • Can also be used as a pitching aid
  • Attachment launches balls vertically up to 250 ft. for towering pop ups / catcher training
  • Easy and fun to use (even a rookie can use it!)
  • Keeps players active in practice, no wasted time
  • No need for any power source
  • Constructed of metal tubing
  • Pouch system holds baseballs/softballs securely as you pull
  • Portable and lightweight (18 lbs)
  • Easy storage - comes with carry bag
  • Powder coated and hinged to allow folding in half or full breakdown
  • Launches regulation baseballs and softballs
  • Also works great for infield popups, line drives and grounders
  • Made in the USA
  • Comes with a 30 day money back guarantee!


"For those of us that battle field space the Straight Shooter is great. It allows outfielders to work on fly balls and catchers to work on pop ups. I recommend the Straight Shooter to best utilize your practice time."- Andy Nieto, Head Coach, Bishop Amat High School (2001 & 2002 High School National Champions)

"Thank you for demonstrating the Straight Shooter during our player tryouts. Every one of our managers in the Minors, Majors and Juniors Divisions were impressed with your product, and they were all thrilled that someone finally found a simple and practical way to consistently launch fly balls. I was most impressed by the huge time savings our league realized by using the Straight Shooter during our player tryouts. We have more than 150 players...[and] we have to send at least 4 fly balls to each of them. Even our most skilled coaches could not compete with the consistency of the Straight Shooter. The result: no more shanked fly balls that bog the process down and result in delays and frustrated parents and players. Even more importantly, the coaches were able to fairly evaluate the skill level of the players as you moved them around with perfectly placed fly balls." - Stewart Reid, President, Deer Canyon Little League

"Thank you for attending our tryouts this year and for introducing us to your invention. To say that we were all amazed by the Straight Shooter baseball launcher would be an understatement. Not only did it greatly increase our productivity during our tryouts, [it was] so efficient we cut hours off of our alloted tryout time. Since our tryouts we have received call after call inquiring about the Straight Shooter...The light weight and durability of the Straight Shooter makes it a must for our coaching staff and part of our everyday practice equipment."- Dennis Butcher, Upland Pioneer Pony Baseball

"We have the most Intense set of drills we put players through to capture that perfect video to send off to the College Coach. The one thing that WASTES time is when we work the outfield players through their drills. I have looked everywhere to find a device that would launch consistent fly balls for my outfield drills. 50% accuracy is the best I can get from every coach I have ever worked with and that numbers in the 100's. What kills my outfield drills is the fact the players have to chase down fly balls to show their speed and form. Every time a coach misfires and runs a player to a ball she has no chance of getting it - it exhausts the player out quickly before I can get the necessary shots for the video. The Straight Shooter now allows me to tell that player exactly where the ball will be to get quality shots every time." - Bob Shea, Skills Director, Founder USA Travel Ball

"I have been Coaching for over 25 Years at the College, High School and Travel Levels in Softball. I currently carry the most innovative and high tech equipment available for my players. This is the 1st piece of equipment that I have see in many years that will help my coaching staff conduct drills in a manner that will be consistent day in and day out. My travel teams go all over the country to compete and we are always tight for space at the different venues we go to. The Shooter will now be travelling with us everywhere. The ability to conduct warmup drills, pitch wiffle balls, fly balls and grounders is awesome. I can have any coach use the Shooter and get what I need every time."- Frank Rizzo, Head Coach, JSerra High School

The Straight Shooter Baseball / Softball Launcher

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