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Rock Bat All-Wood Laminated Series Bats
Rock Bat All-Wood Laminated Composite Series Bats

We no longer carry Rock Bats. Please see our Maple Bats page for other options!

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(we no longer carry this item)


(bats below are shown in natural / black, but they now come in all black only)

Rock Bat Composite Wood Bats

These are the All-Wood Laminated Bats from RockBat. How did they engineer the ultimate all-wood baseball bat?

Bat speed. They inserted an extra lightweight wood in the core of their maple barrel, which reduces the overall weight, and shifts the balance of the bat toward the hands (yes, this is like a corked bat). They also inserted an extra-strong, high-density wood in the core of their maple handle, which further shifts balance toward the hands. The result: an engineered bat that will provide more bat speed than a solid-wood bat having the same shape and weight.

Bat shape. All of the RockBat models that are available in solid-wood are now available in their all-wood laminated composite design. If you feel that you can swing a big-barrel bat with little drop in bat speed, then you can go for that "extra" performance by trying the model RB 174C. This has the largest barrel diameter, and if you are a strong player, and can swing this just as fast... then you will get maximum performance out of this bat model. NOTE: due to the thin-handle design, they only offer this bat model in the laminated composite version - because it has HICKORY in the handle of the bat.

Material properties. If you make a bat with high-stiffness wood, you will achieve better performance compared to the same bat with "average" wood in the handle. The extra-strong wood used in the core of the handle is about 20% to 30% stiffer than "average" hard maple. Bat test data shows that a stiffer handle results in higher performance, because energy is not lost due to the bat flexing. Every time a bat flexes, it loses energy - this is energy that could have been transferred to the ball.

Weight Drop
RB-174C End-weighted XL barrel with a thin handle. Medium knob with light flare.
RB-243C A hybrid between the M110 and C243 designs. A very-well balanced contact hitter's bat, with a larger barrel than traditional balanced models.
RB-271C Similar to the C271 design. A slower taper from handle to barrel, and a slightly larger knob, compared to our model RB. Also a very well-balanced, contact-hitters bat. 
RB-331C The most popular bat design in the Major Leagues today. Super balance due to counter-weight of large knob. The counter-weight makes the bat feel 1 oz. lighter than it actually is. Slightly fuller barrel than other big knob shapes. 
RBD-C Superbly-balanced, with a comfortable handle and stream-lined barrel, creating a balanced swinging bat with pop and strength. Its slimmer barrel and thicker handle make it THE most balanced bat we produce. Also THE most durable bat because of the XL diameter handle.

EVERY RockBat is tested and the sweet spot is marked on the barrel.

NOTE: RockBats are manufactured using ALL-WOOD components. RockBat does not use fiberglass wraps, fiber-reinforced plastic handles, or internal metal rods. Be sure to check with your league to confirm that you can use this bat - if they say "no composites", be sure to ask if ALL-WOOD bats are allowed.

Watch the video below to learn more about RockBats Quality

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