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ProGrip Baseball Bat Grip
The ProGrip Baseball Bat Grip

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Develop the perfect swing and watch your batting average soar! If you don’t walk up to the plate holding the bat properly, don’t bother walking up to the plate at all. Set yourself up to succeed with ProGrip!

Features & Benefits

  • Fits over your existing bat grip
  • Available in Medium (youth) & Large (adult) sizes, for righties & lefties
  • Comes with How-to DVD
  • Forces hands into the proper grip
  • Develops more power
  • Improves contact
  • Creates a smoother swing
  • Increases distance
  • Develops better extension

ProGrip Baseball Bat GripThere are lots of reasons hitters don’t succeed at the plate, but the number one problem with young hitters is how they hold the bat. So many hitters hold the bat way too tight and too deep in their hands.

Two things that are ABSOLUTELY ESSENTIAL to your swing are that you hold the bat in your fingers and you hold it loosely. This will allow you to generate the maximum amount of bat speed and power by allowing your fast twitch muscles to fire properly and give you proper extension through the baseball.

When you hold the bat wrong it becomes IMPOSSIBLE for you to do these things properly and you are robbing yourself of reaching your full potential.

Pro Grip will force your hands into the correct hitting position by pushing your palms off the bat and placing it in your fingers.

With 50 swings a day for 30 days you will develop the proper Muscle Memory to hold the bat correctly, giving you a smoother and more powerful swing.

The Story Behind Progrip

After he hung up his cleats and put on his coaching turfs, Eugene Bleecker realized that many of his students were exhibiting the same problems. Instructing between 40 and 50 athletes a week, he found that the most common problem among his students was simply holding the bat wrong. “Holding the bat properly plays a pivotal role in your success at the plate. Holding the bat in the fingers is a universally taught theory for a reason, it provides for more bat speed and extension which generates more power.”

One day Coach Bleecker confided in his good friend Lou Rivera, an instructor and owner of West Coast Professional Baseball. Coach Bleecker explained the fact that over half of his students weren’t holding the bat correctly and he wanted to find a way to help them overcome this bad habit. He found that he would do a lesson and correct the position of the students hands on the bat for one session. However, that same student would return to the same bad habit at the next lesson. Coach Rivera suggested that Coach Bleecker develop a product that would correct this problem. Kids begin playing baseball as young as three or four years old. Therefore, as they get older, they have taken thousands of swings incorrectly and have developed muscle memory for these incorrect swings. Progrip is the solution! Changing these bad habits is uncomfortable because these athletes know nothing else but the bad habits they have developed.

Coach Bleecker immediately set to work on creating what is now the Progrip. He began experimenting with foam and modeling clay. He knew he had the right design when the product felt comfortable in his hands. Progrip forces the bat out of the palms and into the fingers. By swinging with Progrip on the bat it teaches the hands the correct positioning and eventually makes it not only comfortable to hold the bat properly but automatic.

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