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Coaches, master infield/outfield practice with our selection of the best wood fungo bats on the market. We have ash and maple fungo bats available in a variety of lengths. Some bats can even be personalized with your team colors or name inscription on the barrel. Note to baseball parents and players: a personalized fungo bat makes a great team gift for your baseball coach!
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D-Bat FS Series Fungo Wood Bat D-Bat FS Series Fungo Wood Bat

This fungo has the traditional profile with a conventional taper from handle to barrel. Available in ash only. Choose from multiple colors.

Our Price: $44.95
Sale Price: $39.95
You save $5.00!
BWP Pro Fungo Bat BWP Pro Fungo Wood Bat

35" long and weighing 20 oz., BWP's Fungo is made to be extra light but still be as strong as you would expect. Their fungo is always consistently available and loved by coaches. Available in royal, red, black, natural or navy color.

Our Price: $54.99
Brett Bats Fungo Wood Baseball Bat Brett Bats Fungo Wood Bat

Constructed of Maple Wood, this Fungo bat is ultra lightweight and durable. It is perfect for any coach to conduct infield/outfield practice. Available in sizes 34 and 36, and now available in 8 different colors!

Our Price: $59.95
Phoenix Bat Coach's Fungo Wood Baseball Bat Phoenix Bat Coach's Fungo Maple Wood Bat

This maple Coach's Fungo bat is very comfortable in the hand while still providing a good grip. Add a barrel inscription at no extra cost!

Our Price: $64.95
Old Hickory F2 Maple Fungo Bat Old Hickory F2 Maple Fungo Bat

One of the most durable, lightweight maple fungo bats on the market. This custom pro maple fungo from Old Hickory is completely customizable. Coaches may choose standard colors or use their team colors and personalize their maple fungo with their name or teamís name.

Our Price: $69.99
Diablo Maple Wood Fungo Bat Diablo Maple Wood Fungo Bat

The Diablo Maple Wood Fungo Bat has a medium barrel with a medium hand and traditional knob. Comes in 35" with a weight drop of -10. Choose from multiple color combinations for a customized bat.

Our Price: $79.95
The SkyBat Infield/Outfield Practice Bat The SkyBat Infield/Outfield Practice Bat

The SkyBat is the most effective way to coach your player and your child with fly-balls pop ups and grounders. It uses a tennis racket design, but has a completely custom combination of string, tension and weighting that allows it to hit a real baseball or softball and never break.

Our Price: $84.95