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Check out our selection of fielding aids for infield practice. Improve your defensive skills with these training aids for baseball & softball fielding.
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SKLZ Reaction Ball Defensive Fielding Aid PalmGard Protective Inner Glove XTRA EvoShield Protective Wrist Guard
SKLZ Reaction Ball
Our Price: $9.99
The SKLZ Reaction Ball is a fielding aid that dramatically improves baseball fielding skills and hand eye coordination. Simulates the bad / unpredictable hops. Protect your glove hand! The Palmgard Protective Inner Glove XTRA is a high quality defensive glove that helps prevent bruises and lessens the sting at impact. New and improved design features additional padding on the middle finger and thumb. Ideal for catchers. EvoShield’s Protective Wrist Guard works great at the plate and in the field, and is especially useful for catchers. It provides the compression of tape, the comfort of cotton, and the protection of a Shield. Available in Small, Medium, Large and XL.
The Coach's Glove Mallet Muhl Pancake Infield Training Glove REAKTR Protective Fielding Glove
The Coach's Glove Mallet
Our Price: $29.95
Give your glove the perfect pocket! The Coach's Glove Mallet is a solid wood, handcrafted mallet used to help break in and establish the Perfect Catching Pocket in a new baseball/softball glove. It also helps protect and maintain the pocket in your existing glove.  Available in baseball and softball models. Field the ball with two hands! This Infield Training Glove (commonly called a pancake glove) from Muhl Tech forces a fielder to use two hands when fielding the ball. Pancake gloves are a great fielding aid to develop the proper defensive mechanics. For baseball or softball and players of all ages. The REAKTR Protective Fielding Glove keeps your hands dry and connected to your glove. Designed to enhance the fit and comfort of your fielder's glove while cushioning the hand against bone bruises from bad hops. Ideal for catchers and all infielders.  Available in Adult sizes SM-2XL, in Black. FREE SHIPPING!
Ultimate Pitcher's and Catcher's Plate The SkyBat Infield/Outfield Practice Bat Pro Rebounder / Pitchback
Pro Rebounder / Pitchback
Our Price: $89.95
LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION = DOMINATION. The Ultimate Pitcher's and Catcher's Plate is an excellent pitching and catching aid for working both sides of the plate. Baseball is a game of inches, and it is these inches around the plate that are so important. The SkyBat is the most effective way to coach your player and your child with fly-balls pop ups and grounders. It uses a tennis racket design, but has a completely custom combination of string, tension and weighting that allows it to hit a real baseball or softball and never break. Largest Pro Rebounder available – 68” x 48”. 1 ˝” 14 gauge, black powder coated steel tubing. Great for practicing grounders and pop flies.
Champion Multi Sport Net Pitch Back Screen Champion Pro Toss Back Rebounder The Straight Shooter Baseball & Softball Launcher
The Multi Sport Net Pitch Back Screen from Champion Sports is a heavy duty rebounder that rotates to different angles for ground balls, line drives and pop flies. 42" x 72", with Powder coated steel frame and heavyweight nylon netting. This durable toss back screen offers training benefits for baseball, basketball, other sports and P.E. programs. It has stable wide legs with suction cups, and can be adjusted for different drills. Folds for easy storage. Toss back area is 48" x 36". The Straight Shooter Baseball & Softball Launcher is a great coaches' aid that keeps players active in baseball practice. Accurate and consistent, portable and lightweight. Use it for fly balls, pitching, infield practice, catcher training and more. Comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.
Sling Pitcher Pitching Machine
The Sling Pitcher
Our Price: $249.99 and up
The Sling Pitcher is a versatile, easy-to-use softball and  baseball launcher / pitching machine. Works great for consistent infield/outfield practice and can throw pitches up to 70 mph along with grounders, pop-ups and fly balls. FREE SHIPPING!