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We carry a large selection of curveball pitching machines from ATEC, JUGS, Heater, Bata, Firstpitch, Sports Tutor and more. Curveball machines will typically feature a 2-wheel or 3-wheel design in order to throw effective curves, sliders and more. Have questions about curveball pitching machines? Give us a call and we'll be glad to help you find the right machine for your needs and budget.

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Heater Pro Curve Baseball Pitching Machine Bata Curveball Pitching Machine FirstPitch 2-Wheel Curveball Pitching Machine
Bata B-1 Curveball Pitching Machine
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The Heater Pro Curve Pitching Machine is a versatile and affordable machine that will have you hitting outside breaking balls, inside breaking balls, and fastballs. Variable speed control allows you to adjust the wheel for a variety of pitches at speeds of up to 50 MPH. FREE SHIPPING! The B-1 Curveball machine gives you the economy of a single-wheel machine with the ability to throw different pitches. Adjustable machine throws fastballs, sliders and curves at various angles. Recommended for ages 12 and up. The FirstPitch 2-Wheel Curveball Pitching Machine is a heavy duty machine that can throw up to 105 MPH and multiple types of pitches. Throws baseballs (dimple balls and real balls), and 11" or 12" softballs.  Throws curveballs, sliders, knuckleballs, fastballs, tailing fastballs and sidearm curves. FREE SHIPPING!
Spinball Wizard 2-Wheel Pitching Machine, Baseball & Softball Models Triple Play BASIC 3-Wheel Baseball Pitching Machine JUGS 101™ Curveball Baseball Pitching Machine
The Spinball Wizard two wheel pitching machine features a versatile design that allows the same basic machine to be used for baseball and softball. Spinball Wizard can be set to spin the ball in any direction to simulate virtually any pitch. Available in baseball, softball, or combination model. FREE SHIPPING! The Triple Play BASIC Pitching Machine throws FASTBALLS, SINKERS, CURVES and SLIDERS at speeds from 30 to 80 MPH. JUGS 101™ Curveball Pitching Machine is a 2 Wheel machine that throws 30-90 mph. It switches between fastball to curveball with the flick of a switch.
JUGS Curveball Pitching Machine ATEC Casey Pro 3G Pitching Machine Bata 2Pitch3 Baseball Pitching Machine
The JUGS Curveball Pitching Machine provides full range of movement to adjust for all types of pitches—including fastballs, curves, sliders and split-finger fastballs. Throws from 20 -104 mph. The ATEC Casey Pro 3G Pitching Machine features an innovative micro-adjustment system that allows for instant pitch changes for game-like training. It accurately throws up to 100 mph and  throws every breaking ball imaginable at variable speeds. Its center of gravity design allows a full 360° left-right rotation and 12° vertical pivot with a flick of the wrist. For serious hitters only! You wanted more speed...YOU GOT IT! The BATA 2Pitch3 Baseball Pitching Machine can throw a 95 mph fastball and a 75 mph curveball IN ONE SET UP. 3-wheel design with welded steel construction. Throws flyballs and ground balls too.
Triple Play PRO 3-Wheel Baseball Pitching Machine Rawlings Proline 3 Wheel Pitching Machine, Baseball & Softball Models HACK ATTACK 3-Wheel Baseball Pitching Machine
The Triple Play PRO Pitching Machine is a highly accurate 3-Wheel Machine that can automatically throw Fastballs, Sinkers, Curves, and Sliders with just the push of a button. The pitch speed is adjustable from 40 to 90 MPH in 5 MPH increments, and is digitally displayed. The Rawlings Proline 3 Wheel Pitching Machine is designed with iPitch® electronic control panel for the ultimate in velocity, control, and ease of use. With three separate wheels pitch selection and speed couldn't be easier! Available in baseball, softball, or combo models!   FREE SHIPPING! The exclusive three-wheel design of the Hack Attack machine allows the hitter to see the ball clearly all the way through the feeding motion, acceleration and release, just like with a live pitcher. Throws 100+ MPH and weighs just 135 lbs. Machine comes fully assembled, including baseball legs.
Triple Play PREMIER 3-Wheel Baseball Pitching Machine Home Plate Programmable Pitching Machines, Baseball and Softball
The Triple Play PREMIER Pitching Machine can throw a combination of Fastballs, Curves, Sliders and Sinkers in any order you choose, or randomly for a game-like experience. Throws 40-90 MPH. For more information on the Home Plate Programmable Pitching Machines for Baseball and Softball, please call us at (877) 300-0087.