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Brett Bros. produces the highest quality and longest lasting BASEBALL, SOFTBALL, and FUNGO bats available anywhere in the world. Designed and proven to have superior strength, durability, and consistency.

Brett Bros. wood laminated bats, made of Northern White Ash, have demonstrated in university tests to have added strength, durability, and consistency over single piece wood bats and the average bending strength of the Brett Bros. bat was found to be 20% greater than single piece bats. In addition, Brett Bros. bat proved to be far more consistent than single piece bats and the patented "BOA" grip provides even greater durability. Independent test were conducted by the Washington State University Wood Materials and Engineering Laboratory.

All Brett Bats usually ship within 24 hours. Check out their GOBON 110 and 271 models - bats so good they are guaranteed not to break for 120 days!