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Birch Wood BatsBirch Bats is the manufacturer of the finest Birch wood pro quality baseball bats made anywhere today.

Yellow Birch wood is tougher than ash, and more flexible than maple. This hard-hitting, imported wood does not flake like ash and out performs maple. This lighter wood allows athletes to swing larger barreled bats through the hitting zone.

Birch Bats was started after extensive testing of birch as an alternative wood for baseball bats. The players that tested these models found them to be a great choice vs. maple and ash bats. After two seasons of extensive game play testing in the Cape Cod Baseball Summer League and the Alaskan League, a player is quoted as saying, "Maple is a thing of the past." Hitters have become excited about birch models!

Each bat is made to the customer's choice of model, length, weight, color combinations and name personalization. Normal production time is 2 weeks. Enjoy your new Birch Bats model, and hit with the confidence that our models will perform like the pro bats you see on TV!

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Birch Bat Model 73 Wood Bat Birch Bat Model 271 Wood Bat Birch Bat Model 243 Wood Bat
The Birch Bats Model 73 is the most popular new style in the Big Leagues. It has a tapered medium sized 15/16 handle flaring to a very large knob with a full power hitter's 2 5/8 barrel. The large knob serves as a counter weight making the bat feel very balanced and lighter than other bats with the same weight. The flared handle protects the sensitive hamate bone from bruising. This is by far the best balanced wood bat on the market. A perfect shape for hitters switching from aluminum to wood as it is both well balanced and easy to control. Used by power hitters who like the comfort and gap hitters who like the balance and large hitting area. The Birch Bat 271 has a flared knob, with a 15/16" handle and a 2 1/2" barrel. This bat features a good balance that makes this one of the most popular choices by youth as well our professional players. The Birch Bat Model 243 has an extra large 2 5/8 barrel and 15/16 handle so you can reach the outside pitch with ease. This wood baseball bat is end loaded for optimal balance through the hitting zone. This is a popular choice for power hitters because it takes some power to get these things going. But they really swing themselves once they are started through the hitting zone.
Birch Bat Model 174G Wood Bat Birch Bat Model 161 Wood Bat Birch Bat Model 141 Wood Bat
The Birch Bats Model 174G is a large barreled model with a thin handle. This is an end loaded bat that gets through the hitting zone quickly. This model is for experienced wood bat players. This is our best seller. The Birch Bats Model 161 is an old school model. The model 161 is similar to an R161, a thick handled, big barreled, heavier than average bat. It has a 1" handle, conventional knob, and a 2 9/16" barrel. This bat is favored by both power hitters who like thick handles and contact hitters who like the bat control a thick handle provides. The Birch Bats Model 141 has a very traditional feel. This model has a slightly smaller 1 15/16" squared off knob, a thin 7/8" handle and a 2 9/16" barrel. This is a bat for a gap/power hitter who likes a thin handle.
Birch Bat Model 110 Wood Bat
The Birch Bats 110 has a standard knob, 1" handle, and a 2 1/2" barrel. This is the most popular bat in the minor leagues. This model is great for contact hitters as well as power hitters because of the balance and the large hitting surface. This is one of the better bats for hitters switching from aluminum bats.