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We carry a large selection of Baseball L-Screens from Muhl Tech, Champion Sports, ATEC, JUGS, Cimarron and ProMounds. Whether you need a basic screen for your home batting cage, or a durable screen for heavy team use, we've got your bases covered. These are all high quality L-Screens that provide great pitcher protection for baseball practice and batting practice.
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L  Screen Replacement Nets Champion Pitching Safety Screen
L Screen Replacement Nets
Our Price: $49.95-$59.95
Choose from 3 replacement nets for your baseball L Screen. These nets from Cimarron Sports are high quality, pillowcase-style nets that are either #42 netting or commercial-grade #60 netting. Available in 7' x 6' or 7' x 7'. Great for batting practice and hitting drill protection! This Pitching Safety Screen, or L-Screen, measures 72" x 72" with a 36" drop to throw through. Heavy duty steel tubing is reversible for left-handed or right-handed throwers. Has heavyweight "pillowcase" nylon netting that easily slides over frame in seconds.
Cimarron 7x6 Residential L  Screen Muhl Varsity L-Screen
Muhl Varsity L-Screen
Our Price: $179.95
This residential grade L-Net and Frame is great for at-home batting cages or use by younger players. Inexpensive, but sturdy and long lasting. Much more durable than your standard L-Screen! This L-Screen is 7'x7' with a 3'x3' cutout. Heavy duty 14 gauge 1 1/2" dia. frame. Powder coated black. Bolt together assembly for strength. Slip on pillow case style net.  #36 knotted PE netting. UV weather treated.
Diamond PRO SERIES Bownet Portable L Screen Bownet Portable Pitching Screen
The Diamond PRO SERIES Bownet Portable L Screen is completely portable, with a lightweight yet durable design.  Measures 8' x 7' with pro grade heavy-duty netting and powder-coated lightweight steel base. Sets up in 2 minutes! Comes with a zippered carrying bag with straps included. The Bownet Portable Pitching Screen is ideal for travel teams, backyard practice, and anyone who needs to bring a pitching screen to and from the practice field.  Sets up easily in seconds.
Pro-Gold II #36 Mini L-Shaped 7' x 4' Screen ProMounds Premium L Screen
ProMounds Premium L Screen
Our Price: $219.00
The Pro-Gold II #36 Mini L-Shaped 7' x 4' Screen will protect your pitchers on the practice field or in the batting cage.
The ProMounds Premium L Screen is a high quality protective screen that is optimal for baseball and softball practice and training facilities. Made of 1 5/8" tubing, galvanized and powder-coated green. Has commercial grade #36 Twisted, Knotted Nylon netting. Measures 7' x 7', weighs 40 lbs.
Cimarron 7x7 Commercial L Screen with #60 Net ATEC Pitcher's L-Screen
ATEC Pitcher's L-Screen
Our Price: $279.95
The Cimarron 7x7 Commercial L Screen is perfect for heavy usage environments. Frame is made of commercial grade 2" galvanized steel and it has a heavy duty #60 net.
The all new Pitcher's L-Screen from ATEC features a larger net, better netting and tubing, and added protection in the corner. New and improved with larger size screen, heavier grade netting and 2'' steel tubing (plus 40% heavier wall thickness). New double faced commercial grade HDPE high density polyethylene netting hung on the square. Dimensions:  84" H X 84" W.
Pro-Gold II #60 Pitcher's L-Shaped 7'x7' Screen Muhl Pro L-Screen
Pro L-Screen
Our Price: $339.95
The Pro-Gold II #60 Pitcher's L-Shaped 7'x7' Screen is a heavy duty L Screen with a small cutout to maximize pitcher protection. Our top-of-the-line L-screen has a 2" diameter steel tubing frame with a hip protector. Fully padded frame extends net life and reduces ball richochet. Super duty #60  netting slips on pillow-case style for double protection. Includes steel wheels.
JUGS Protector Series 7x7 L Screen JUGS Protector Series Short-Toss Screen
The JUGS Protector Series 7x7 L Screen is perfect for hitting facilities or heavy team use. This commercial grade, heavy duty L Screen comes with a 2-Year Guarantee on the netting and frame. This durable screen works great in batting cages where space is an issue, and provides maximum protection. It is built to withstand a pounding and is a good fit for high school / college teams, as well as training facilities. Measures 7' H x 4' W.