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Where's The Play? Interactive CD Drills & Techniques for Catchers DVD Fielding Drills and Techniques DVD
An information-packed interactive CD that teaches the all-important baseball and softball basics that young players need to learn and visualize. Some of the most creative drills and techniques for the catching position. Coach Marty Schupak has compiled some of the most effective techniques from some of the best youth and school coaches. Drills include blocking techniques, framing overview, a proper method of throwing down to second base, and calling pitches. Coach Marty Schupak shows the most comprehensive and creative fielding drills and techniques for youth baseball players.
Infield Team Play & Strategies DVD Baseball Made Easy Pitching / Catching Drills DVD by Pete Caliendo Baseball Made Easy Infield / Outfield Drills DVD by Pete Caliendo
Coach Marty Schupak provides fundamental techniques for infield team play for youth baseball players. A compilation of successful infield strategies along with the correct techniques that parents and youth coaches should teach their players. Topics covered include bunt situations, rundowns, defending the steal, pickoffs and more. This video provides you with 30 pitching and catching drills that you can use throughout your season to better prepare your pitchers and catchers. Included are pickoffs, Pitchers Fielding Practice (PFP), bunt coverages, blocking drills for catchers and much, much more. Defense wins Championships! Watch over 50 different defensive drills, so players at each infield and outfield position will be ready for most every defensive play. Included are drills for 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, shortstops and the outfield positions.
The Art of Catching Book by Brent Mayne A Coaches Guide to Training Catchers DVD by Dave Weaver Big League Baseball Fundamentals 7 DVD Set
If you need to learn the catching position, this is the book to help you. In The Art of Catching, Brent Mayne distills 15 years of Major League experience to teach all the technical aspects of the position. It covers posture and stances, glove mechanics and throwing to bases, pitchouts, backpicks, calling games and working with pitchers, and much much more. New England Catching Camp founder Dave Weaver masterfully addresses every aspect of the catcher position on this 160 minute DVD. Weaver covers the stance, pitch framing. blocking pitches, proper throwing mechanics, fielding and much more. A must have for any serious catcher. Great for all ages. Learn from the greatest group of baseball instructors ever assembled! Over 6 hours of fundamental baseball instruction covering Hitting, Pitching, Defense, Baserunning, and much more! FREE SHIPPING!