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Anderson Bat Company Aluminum Baseball BatsBy ballplayers, for ballplayers! Anderson Bat Co is one of the few remaining American bat manufacturers. Every Anderson bat is designed and built in the USA, and each one undergoes multiple rounds of quality control. Anderson Bats are specifically engineered to provide what ballplayers crave - maximum performance. They set the standard and will continue to push the envelope with every bat they produce.

Anderson Bats are some of the most technologically advanced bats on the market. Their Power-Arch Technology captures the kinetic energy of the bat on ball collision usually lost to vibration. This optimizes strength while increasing the barrel's elasticity. Anderson's Energy Loading System (ELS) harnesses vibration energy from contact and transfers it directly to a focused target…the ball. The result is the Anderson "crack" instead of the competitor's "ping". Instead of claiming to provide "more flex" or "less flex" like the competition, Anderson's Taper Flex Technology works to provide the OPTIMAL amount of flex, resulting in a level of feel and performance that the competition is unable to replicate.

"So why swing an Anderson Bat?" Simple answer - "Because they sound different." The sound of an Anderson bat is an illustration of the attention to detail that goes into every Anderson product. The Proof is at the plate...